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  1. Try looking at TorrentFlux - PHP Torrent Client Hope it helps ----------- spinFIRE
  2. If someone has one, I would like one email: spinfiredk@gmail.com - please -spinFIRE
  3. I don't know Make a function called something and then call it at the end of the script again function hello() { //THE THING YOU WANT TO LOOP echo "<p>Hey how are you doing?!"; echo "<br />What is your name</p>"; hello(); } hello();
  4. Hello... I'm trying to make a script in PHP, that will allow me to download ex. the Newest XP Updates from my server, instead of DL'ing them from MS, and then run them with parameters as /q /n /z and so. I would also like to use it with other software, because I have an ISP that doesn't have FlatRate Hope anyone can help me... -spinFIRE
  5. No... No registry rights, but have tried FlashGet, and it works like a charm Thank you very much -spinFIRE
  6. OK... Thanks man - I appreciate the help - And the quick response -spinFIRE
  7. Hey... Does someone have a way to have a download manager like FlashGet or LeechGet on their USB-stick? I would like it, when i am "out of the house" Hope someone can help me -spinFIRE
  8. I don't think that this is the place to ask for warez and stuff.... MSFN Forum Rules
  9. Thanks for the great and fast answers
  10. I just wanted to know if i can eg. copy the msn folder to my usb drive, and then use it at my school, where i can't install because i haven't administrative rights And BTW. i have tried Web messenger, which i thinks sucks....
  11. http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/apps/office/office2003_slipstreaming.htm Here ya' go...
  12. Look at the bottom... I found the soloution here... I hope you will get it working..
  13. Thanks man... It works now... I have created an Win51ip and win51ip.sp2 file... And it worked...
  14. The only thing i have tinkered with is txtsetup.sif, where i have changed SetupSourceFiles that i changed to the path of the i386 files... But should i put every boot disk in a different folder?? Like: \ROOT \\UNAT \\\DISK1 \\\DISK2 \\\DISK3 \\\DISK4 \\\DISK5 \\\DISK6 Or just \\UNAT\