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  1. Please see the attached file for how i use my email over the do i make corresponding settings in windows mobile 2003 second ed (smt 5600)
  2. 1. Just got the SMT 5600 from Cingular. Looks like a very good phone. All features are excellent. Having trouble configuring the email though and Audiovox support sucks. Microsoft support asked for money to reply questions on Windows Mobile 2003 second edition. 2. Does anyone know how to setup SMT 5600 so as to access Exchange emails. Here is the thing; i can acess my exchange email just with a internet connection by PC (no VPN etc), as exchange 2003 provides for browser based email. I was hoping with those settings i will directly be able to acess mails from the phone as well. But it every time tells me that can not connect to incoming mail server; i can access sites like google easily. People who have worked with Windows Mobile 2003 on other smartphones will know the answer, i hope. Help!