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  1. It worked! I just had to change to becuase I had the ultimate edition. ALso in order to move program files I just applied a registry tweak after the installation. My documents acan simply be moved using the properties dialog. SO now I just have the plain old windows folder in my c drive
  2. Thanks a lot , will try it now!
  3. is there a sample unattend.xml for windows 7 ? if not can someone make one please ?
  4. ===== Post Nº1 ===== CAn someone paste the a basic example AutoUnattend.xml for windows 7 rtm. So that I can just add this in the unattend.xml file and get on with things... Edit: I should add , I don't want any other unattended features. The only change I want is the change in folder paths. ty I would download waik , but thats like 1.3 gb ! ===== Post Nº2 ===== cmon people , help me a little ... Just post any unattend.xml for windows 7 rtm and I''ll modify it to suit my needs
  5. Using windows 7 rtm. I tried this command in cmd- this gives the error "access is denied" ?? cmd is opened as administrator . whats up?
  6. Changing paths of system directories

    In nlite there was a n option to change the path of directories like - program files, documents and settings. As it happens vlite doesn't have this option . Can someone tell me the 'manual' of doing this ? By this I mean I want to create a vista.iso in which the path of program files/userprofile is custom . I want that the path of the directory "program files" is by default d:\program files , instead of c:\program files . Yes I know this can be done after installation by playing in the registry . But I want a iso that does this by default. I googled but couldn't find anything useful Guide please Edit: Ok I googled some more. It seems what I have to do is create this file - autounattend.xml , put the relevant path information in it. and then copy the file to a pendrive/cd . right ?
  7. I replaced my ancient 20gb HDD with a brand new 500gb seagate yesterday. Today I tried installing vista/7 , but couldn't. the install in each case got stuck I tried 3 different disks , 2 windows 7 dvds and one vista dvd. The strange thing is that the install gets stuck at the name place with all the dvds! I get the initial "windows is loading file", then the "starting windows" message. Then comes the nice vistaish background . and thats where the install gets stuck. no window shows up The mouse is present and can be moved. HDD/cdrom lights aren't blinking.. The disks work fine on other PC's. I don't understand what could be the problem with my PC. I tried resetting the bios, that didn't help. could the new HDD be the problem ? I have managed to install win7 on my old 20gb HDD Otherwise my PC runs just fine Specs: AMD X2 4000 1 gb ram samsung dvd-rw asus m2a-mx mobo seagate 500gb HDD win xp sp3
  8. no maximized windows in vista

    For some strange reason I can't get vista to open maximized windows. even if I manually maximize a window/application , the next time it is opened it still opens as unmaximized. why so? Is there a fix?? ty
  9. indexing options..

    I guess there isn't an option maybe I'll do it manually. Any idea how I could backup these setttings. Any registry key where indexing settings are stored? ty
  10. indexing options..

    In windows vista's search indexing options, currently, file types like html, txt are set to "index file properties and contents" . I know that each file type can be individually changed to "index properties only".. but I want to set "index properties only" for all file types. IMO its quite an needy option that is sorely missing from this neat Vista feature. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Invert screen colours?

    My glossy laptop LCd is way too bright and very hard on the eyes , specially with white backgrounds. Is there an application or hack to inverse screen colours in windows ? The way windows magnifier does.. SCreenshot On macs there is a simple shortcut for this; control, alt, apple, 8 I have ofcourse played around with windows colour schemes , and high contrast setting(left alt+shift+prtsrc), but it doesn't works (all apps are desinged to work only for dark on light).. inverse is what I want Thanks btw is there anything for vista? I have vista installed and would switcch to vista if it has this option. This is really important to me!
  12. help

    wow this works!! thanks nuhi , great feature . Will prevent waste of blank DVDs
  13. change location of %userprofile%

    Doesn't works... Thanks , but I'll leave it at this *regrets getting original vista*
  14. change location of %userprofile%

    Thanks for the replies. I'll try them now One question will this work for multiple users?
  15. changing default internet browser

    tools>preferences > advanced > programs . Check if Opera is the default browser.