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  1. Ok I tried it In cmd, i type "robocopy source path dest path" it copies the contents of source folder to destination folder. But what should I do to make it copy the contents automatically? Thanks and sorry for my questions
  2. Ok is this the one I have to use: Do I have to download it all? Or can I download only some needed parts of it (I need it to be simple to install, cause I have to do it with many pcs) ? Thanks for the help Soulin
  3. Ok i don't know if i'm understanding everything this will add all the contents of a folder to another folder (that I will select) right ?
  4. OK thanks for replies I'll try the juction thing to see Anyway let me expalin you my problem, maybe you would know other issues that sharing folders: I often restore my windows partition to a previous state, but there are folders in that partition I update regularly. These folders (themes folder for example) can't be move so when I restore my partition, I got them in old state (so I need to reinstall my newest themes everytime I restore system). This is just an example of other same sorts of problem. What solution can there be for that? Thanks in advance for replying
  5. But i need the folder A to have the contents of folder B
  6. It's impossible?
  7. I don't know if it's exactl that What I want, is that, folder A will contain it's files and also folder B's (which will be located on another drive) files
  8. Is it possible to make a folder having it's own files AND files of other selected folder(s)? Thanks for helping Sid