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  1. On my Home install, it's on the lower left corner of the screen by default. (I think) Also the same on pro if i remember correctly.
  2. free but requires broadband... Project Entropia
  3. 373... and still trying...
  4. It seems this group is of the younger crowd. A hacker is someone who sits at a computer and learns everything they can about the system. No illegal intent. This is the way most people learn linux. A Cracker is the person who learns about the system so that they can break into other computers/remove security features/etc... Somewhere in history, the media used the wrong word for describing a security breach, ie: Kevin Mitnick, Captain Crunch, Steve Wosniak and Jobs (yes, they are crackers, if enough people send an im to me about it, i'll start a "History of the Steve's" thread Everybody knows, once the media gets a hold of it, it's the "truth" Now start sending those IM's
  5. Nice old game... It's so small because they pack a lot of info into the calls they make to DirectX and the other various video/audio/cpu subsystems... all textures/ai/level setups/etc are created with super small equations at start up. Awesome game
  6. Right thumb and left handed...
  7. Hey, for those of you who get the "unathorized referrer" error... just click the reload button in your browser... instant fix
  8. It works great... i thought i had a clean system, and it found a possible hijacker...
  9. If you don't count the 1 hour "nap" i got every day during my second year of high school... then i guess my record is about 300 days
  10. Whoever wrote these gets instant copyright protection...
  11. What about Half Life 2?!?