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  1. In order to swap drives, GRUB4DOS needs to hook INT 13. If it hides Partitions, or makes any other changes, by modifying the image of the MBR provided rather than changing the actual MBR, Windows will get confused. I am working on an AHCI Driver, so I have dissected the existing Code. IOS scans the Hard Drives using INT 13 and creates a Checksum for each one. The Standard Disk Driver scans the Hard Drives using Direct I/O, creates Checksums for each one, then compares them to the list from IOS. The ones that match are mapped. Unmatched Drives are added as new Drives. If GRUB4DOS changed the Checksum for a MBR Image, it won't match the Checksum from a MBR read by Direct I/O. This appears to be happening in your case. The Drive didn't match so IOS put it's unmatched Drive and Partitions into compatibility Mode. The same Drive was treated as new and it's Partitions were added as your Ghosts. I noticed that it appears you are using Virtual PC 2007 Drivers. These may be incompatible with your usage of GRUB4DOS. If possible try the same setup on a different VM.
  2. I could separate the Windows only Partition support from the rest of the Terabyte Patches to make a less expensive product, but I never saw any reason to do so. The main reason I designed these Partitions is to handle Partitions above the 2TiB limit. A lot of BIOSes do not support them. The only other case I know of is a BIOS that cannot handle more than 137GB, 8GB or one of the other old limitations.
  3. When a Protected Mode Storage Driver is loaded, Windows scans every Device found. If it matches an existing DOS detected Device it is mapped. If not, all Partitions on it are added. DOS detected Partitions that are not mapped remain in "Compatibility Mode". GRUB4DOS is hiding Partitions from DOS but is not hiding them from Windows. This leads to the "Ghost" Partitions. Other than altering the Partition IDs to hide them, I do not know how to hide Partitions from Windows. My RFDISK Multi-Boot Profile setup alters the MBRs dynamically to provide Windows compatibility. I have intentionally implemented Windows only "Ghost" Partitions in my Terabyte Plus Package to insure that Partitions not supported by the BIOS or DOS are correctly handled.
  4. The Kernel sets the limit. No FileSystem, including Network FileSystems, can exceed 4GiB -2 Bytes. I posted a free fix for the 2GiB limitation. I have a Patch (FILE64) that emulates Files larger than 4GiB. It can be used with any FileSystem including Network FileSystems. This allows 32-Bit Software to manipulate Files larger than 4GiB.
  5. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    Math was only one consideration. I also wanted to have at least one modern Intel system to test my Products on rather than relying on others to test for me. I already completed the Math run on the SLI Krait. Scaling it up further would require a dual Socket Opteron Motherboard with 4 times the performance of the Threadripper. This would cost thousands of dollars in electricity to run, so I have no plans to do so. I'm not sure if GPUs are amenable to this type of Math problem.
  6. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    I didn't buy the Z87 for XP compatibility. I bought it before I even started using XP regularly. It was inexpensive and had what I needed for 9x. I have the I7-4770 CPU. For Math, the FX8350 is significantly faster. If I want to got further I will get a ThreadRipper.
  7. The 1152MB limit is due to Kernel Memory Database issues. It is separate from the VCACHE issue. Unlike the VCACHE issue, this cannot be fixed without Patching. I described the VCACHE issue in some detail recently in another post. It can occur if you exceed around 768MB of RAM. Video drivers can make a significant difference depending on how they handle Video Memory management. Microsoft set the Maximum File Cache to 800MiB, which is too large. My RAM Limitation Patch sets the default Maximum File Cache to 512MB or to a User specified Value. It can also be set by adding a MaxFileCache entry into SYSTEM.INI. The XENO86 Patch sets it to 512MB.
  8. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    The i5-2500K only four Threads. I have eight. It would have taken almost twice as long to do those computations.
  9. Without Patching you cannot exceed approx 1152MiB of "available" RAM in Windows 98/98SE period. The limit for ME is around 1.9GB. PAE requires restructuring the Page Tables. This would require a major rewrite of the Kernel memory Routines and all Drivers that need to see Physical Memory. I use PSE in my MEMORY64 API which is more compatible with the existing Page Tables.
  10. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    When I first saw USB 2 Headers listed in the Specification for that Motherboard, I assumed that they would support EHCI and be compatible with 9x. I now know that they are connected to a USB 3 Controller even if they only support USB 1 and 2. MrMateczko sent me a SCANPCI dump that proved it. A XHCI Driver is still needed to use them. A similar thing happened with USB 1 and 2. The early USB 2 Controllers had a separate USB 1 Controller in parallel, so you could still use the ports as USB 1 in Windows 95. Newer Controllers only have one programmable Controller so now USB 2 Ports cannot be used in standard Windows 95 period, even though they support USB 1 Devices.
  11. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    I have encountered a reliability issue with USB Networking. USB Sound is very simple and reliable. For a Z170, as it stands now, I would go for a PCI USB Card and a PCI SATA Card.
  12. Trying to solve too many problems at the same time on the same machines is not productive.
  13. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    Free/cheap is always nice, start coding.
  14. Ultimate 98SE PC - Ultimate Disappointment

    I don't think XP would be considered a "Modern" OS. I used to use Windows 10 to handle a couple of Websites that didn't work in Chrome 49. Now I know I can access them in 98SE with the K-Meleon Browser. I haven't booted anything later than XP in months. Windows 9x may be tied to one Core, not necessarily the Base Core, but I have an API to utilize the other Cores.