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  1. The BIOS maps PCI, AGP, and PCI-E Configuration and Devices to Memory Mapped I/O Space. Normally these are mapped downward from the APIC and BIOS area at the top. Due to PCI alignment restrictions there are often fairly substantial gaps in these allocations. This area is not available for System RAM. Most, not all, Motherboards can remap the Physical RAM, that would otherwise be useless, up into the 64-Bit Address Space so that it can be used by 64-Bit Software. For example, if you have 8GiB of RAM and 1GiB of Memory Mapped I/O Space, the RAM would be mapped as follows: 0-3GiB -> 0-3GiB (32-Bit Space) 4-8GiB -> 4-8GiB (64-Bit Space) 3-4GiB -> 8-9GiB (64-Bit Space) or 0-3GiB -> 0-3GiB (32-Bit Space) 3-8GiB -> 4-9GiB (64-Bit Space) depending on architecture. Large Video Cards can put a serious dent in the available 32-Bit RAM. Having PCI-E also takes up a large block for it's Extended Configuration Table.
  2. No program that needs 4GiB of RAM can possibly run entirely in 32-Bit Mode so it would have to be a 64-Bit Program or use 64-Bit extensions. Windows 9x will display the available 32-Bit RAM. This can vary from 2.5GiB to 3.7GiB depending upon Motherboard and Add-on Cards. The remainder of your 8GiB is mapped to the 64-Bit RAM space.
  3. You are right. Wrong LAN Adapter. The correct one is the Inland UED011 USB to LAN Adapter.
  4. Safe Mode runs only the bare minimum of Drivers. USB is not one of them. USB Keyboards can be used if the BIOS provides Legacy USB Keyboard support but this is mapped to the PS/2 Interface. USB Drives may also be supported through Legacy Mode.
  5. My RAM Limitation Patch will let you run 9x without any memory limitation. You will be able to use the roughly 3GB of 32-Bit RAM available in most Systems. The remainder will require my 64-Bit RAMDISK and/or Programs written using my 64-Bit Memory API.
  6. I rarely shop online. The Adapters I mentioned are still available in stores such as Micro Center. The USB LAN Adapter is the Tenda TEL9901G. The USB Sound Adapter is the Kingwin USB-3DSA.
  7. I'm looking for a PCI card that can handle 300Mbps and has Win98SE drivers. The oldest card I could find has ME drivers but not 98. I thought it would still work with 98 but no. You didn't specify the Model Number of the card you found. Was the problem in the Driver or in the Client Application? I have a Driver that provides all of the WinME API missing in 98SE.
  8. There are both USB Lan and USB Audio Adapters. I stocked up on both.
  9. If you don't see the Logo and/or DOS Screen, then the problem is elsewhere. None of the problems I have identified would stop you from reaching Safe-Mode Windows.
  10. In addition to the PCI size issue with 512MB nVidia Cards that my Patch resolves. There are two other issues that may affect smaller cards with some Motherboards. A Resource mapping problem can cause a crash during Boot. The other causes the Mouse to nearly freeze and may cause a Disk Error BSOD. @ruthan I would need to know specifically what happened when you tried to use the 7600.
  11. If you are running on 9x, no other core would be active. My post refers to 9x. If you are running on XP or later, multiple cores would reduce system overhead, improving performance.
  12. The number of CPUs has no effect on performance or compatability with old games. Any improvement is due to architectural improvements in modern Processors such as Cache or reduced Instruction execution time.
  13. What's going to change in 2020? 1. You will probably need a 2160p monitor. 2. RAM Patches still won't be free. 3. Browsers will perform even worse. 4. UEFI will be even more pervasive. 5. Microsoft is going to care even less. USB 3 has proven difficult to debug so no guarantees there. I have no opinion on NVMe as I have no hardware, so it is a maybe.
  14. I don't think GCDROM will work with most SATA Adapters. I had to modify GCDROM to support a larger range of Devices to use my SATA Adapter.
  15. I'm not sure that would be considered an exception. The Front Panel Module probably contains an amplifier. I also said "may" not be enough for headphones. Some do fine, others are kind of weak. Unless explicitly specified for Headphones, there are no guarantees.