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  1. I have 2 AM3+ Motherboards running Windows 98SE. There are no drivers for the built-in Audio or Video. There is an Ethernet Driver but it only works at 10/100Mb and puts up an error message on every boot. A number of my Patches are needed to support Windows 9x. So far I have only seen a couple of Laptops that are truly incompatable with Windows 9x. The 7950GT is the most powerful GPU I know of. The 7950 GX2 is technically more powerful but Windows 9x will only use one GPU so it will act the same. The GX2 may be of some value in a dual boot system with XP or later.
  2. Windows 95 requires the FIX95CPU Patches to run on fast processors. It is freely available. The best way to answer the other questions is to search for an user manual for the specific model of Computer. The boot options may be described as Hard Disk Priority settings.
  3. Using Hot Swap Trays for this purpose creates a lot of wear and tear and is overkill. You can usually switch Boot Drives in the BIOS. There are also Multi-boot methods to select the Boot Drive or to boot all three OSes from a single larger Drive. i have written tools that can do this either way. You will need my RAM Limitation Patch to use more than 1GiB of RAM in Windows 95 and 98. Using a Hard Disk larger than 137GB requires another Patch for Windows 95 and 98.
  4. IE is not a Detection Manager Option, nor is IP. The correct way of combining the two options is as follows: SETUP /IP /p i
  5. Vcache is a cache for data read off of a Hard Drive. This allows the system to reread data from RAM rather than having to reread the data from the Disk. It speeds up Disk accesses. It is definitely not for low RAM systems. Although the vcache is managed dynamically to avoid interfering with other users of RAM, the System Arena address space reservation is fixed. The default is to map up to 800MiB of RAM for vcache when there is more RAM. This causes the System Arena to shrink to unacceptable levels. The maximum vcache depends somewhat on configuration but 512MiB is OK in most instances. This is the default I use in my RAM Limitation Patch. Some people suggest 384MiB. You may want to go lower if you do a lot of writing to USB sticks as it will smooth out the transfers. The minimum Windows allows is 1/24 times the total RAM, so for 1GiB of RAM, I wouldn't go below 50MiB. I know of no reason to set MinFileCache.
  6. Setting MaxFileCache to 0 does not cause an error. It is simply ignored. This leaves you at risk for problems when using a lot of RAM.
  7. There are a lot more missing functions in the latest iperf3 version. I already implemented AttachConsole in my Wrapper Libraries but there still were many others missing.
  8. Those settings will not work. You cannot set MaxFileCache to 0.
  9. With 1GiB of RAM you don't get the early "not enough memory" crash that occurs with more RAM. But, you are still subject to crashing due to System Arena starvation because of the over aggressive File Cache. At a minimum you need to add the MaxFileCache Workaround to the SYSTEM.INI File. The Memory Address shown above is a garbage address usually resulting from a Stack Fault or corrupted Pointer.
  10. Code 2 indicates an INF Problem, not the Driver itself.
  11. My Catalog is for products that I think would be of general interest. It is by no means comprehensive. I had not identified enough applications for WDMEX to put it in the Catalog. If Mercury127's work opens up opportunities for it, I will add it to the Catalog. In any case, it is available by name.
  12. I have observed a problem with GParted that it will set the Partition Types of some Primary Partitions to CHS values rather than LBA values even when above the 8GB limit for CHS. New Operating Systems don't seem to care. DOS and 9x definitely do. XP i'm not sure. It is possible to create Primary and Logical Partitions that meet both the Cylinder and 1MB alignments. I already have done so for my Windows 10 experiments.
  13. The "unofficial" 82.69 Package is a mixture of different versions of "official" nVidia software. The Kernel Mode Drivers and a few other files are official 82.69 Files. Most of the other executables are official 82.16 Files. One is an official 77.72 File. The .XML and .NVU text files are compacted versions of the 82.69 Versions. The .INF File is substantially rewritten.
  14. When I ran my experiments, I revised the INF Files as needed to make them 9x compatible, so that was not an issue. ME has a few more Functions than 98SE but otherwise is built more like 9x than 2K. My WDMEX completely bridges the gap between 98SE and ME but still hasn't solved the problem.
  15. 256MB vs. 512MB is not important for Video playback. I didn't even see much difference in 3DMARK until I went down to 64MB using a 7950GT. I have a 6200 PCI Card. It is definitely not adequate for 1080 or even 720 in full screen mode. AGP would be faster. The 7200GS will play 1080 fine in 9x or XP. In Windows 10, even the 7200 is not enough.