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  1. SATA Motherboards generally support LBA-48. The Intel bug doesn't happen with Drives normally partitioned on the same Motherboard. My SATA Patch would allow you to use the additional Ports
  2. I don't think these Patches would help with your particular problem. The symptoms associated with the LBA-48 and geometry issues are: Failure to boot. Disk Errors. Disk Corruption. Compatibility Mode is not a symptom. Nor is there a dependence on RAM. I am assuming that you are not using SATA Drives. I have two different Patches. The BOOTMAN series of Patches upgrade or replace the BIOS Code and are implemented as a DDO. The High Capacity Disk Patch adds LBA-48 support to the Windows Driver.
  3. These problems and the 137GB limit are unrelated issues. I have never seen this problem. If your updates reinstalled the Hard Disk Drivers, it is possible that the Driver was disabled, causing the Drive to run in compatibility mode. Attempting to set MinFileCache or MaxFileCache less than 1/24 of the total RAM will be ignored. There are some buggy Motherboards after 2002 that do not properly handle LBA-48. I developed a fix for the EPIA series BIOSes. Some Intel Motherboards in the 8xx and 9xx series cannot handle more than 32GB Hard Drives if they were setup with an unexpected geometry.
  4. My SATA Patch can take care of any problem with the SATA Ports. I routinely use multiple HDDs and ODDs in some of my Computers.
  5. My free KERNEL32.DLL Patch is for files larger than 2GiB. It should have no effect of any kind unless you were playing a video larger than 2GiB.
  6. I am using K-Meleon 1.5.4 without KernelEx. I have to refresh the page with Javascript turned off to see a text entry Window. This is my first attempt to post this way. If you see this, it worked. Apparently it does. Now editing.
  7. Confirmed. I removed my VXD from the Z87 and ran the test until the Mouse choked. The Graphics Card Interrupt was marked active. I sent an EOI to the Virtual PIC and the Mouse recovered. The MSI 970A, with the VXD, has been running for more than 24 Hours without any Disk or Mouse problems. When I release the VXD, I plan to add it to the NVSIZE Package. If there is enough interest I might offer it as a standalone package.
  8. There may be some other Registers in the Chipset that are powered by the Standby Rail of the Power Supply. My MA785 remembers whether I last used a Mouse or a Keyboard on the single PS/2 Port, unless I lose Power. Of course there is also the CMOS which is Battery powered even if you pull the plug.
  9. I used tools I wrote myself to find the location to patch. I have never used Ollydbg. First I used a binary search program to locate the Exception Code. Then I used a disassembler to identify the enclosing subroutine. Analysis showed that no return code was needed and the calling convention. Dropping a return instruction on the top of the subroutine was the appropriate thing to do.
  10. Doubled Devices are not that unusual, even if there are no corrupt files. Removing both copies from Safe Mode and redetecting them usually works.
  11. After several days of experimenting, I think I have found the problem. The NVidia Drivers appear to have an Interrupt handling problem. It appears that with a lot of activity, the Interrupt is being left in a masked state disabling further Interrupts. The Mouse hangups are the direct result of this as the Mouse Driver appears to use the Graphics Interrupt to poll the Mouse. Without Interrupts, the Mouse only moves when a timeout occurs in it's Driver. Disabling the Graphics Interrupt causes the same symptoms. I was testing with a CLI Math Program so it cannot be caused by Resource depletion. On my MSI 970A, the same Interrupt was also shared with an USB Controller. I will investigate this further but it may explain why USB crashes occur as well. The Hard Disk problem I have been working on would also be explained in the same manner, but I could find no solution by modifying it. This problem only appears with my SATA Patch as the Unpatched Driver cannot be used with these Controllers. I have written a VXD that cleans up the Interrupt Controller after each Interrupt has been processed. It has been working for several hours so far. No Disk Errors or Mouse Hangs. I should know by tomorrow if it works properly.
  12. To Cold Boot, turning off Power for 1 to 2 Seconds is enough. If you need to erase the standby powered Registers or change hardware, and the Main Power is off, you might need to wait a Minute after pulling the plug for the Power Supply Capacitors to drain. If you are in a rush, press the Power Button to drain it faster or pull the plug with the Power On but not while running an OS.
  13. On the MSI 970A, using two PCI-E Video cards did get separate Interrupts. Mixing a PCI-E Video Card and a PCI Video Card did not work. Both got the same Interrupt. The DMA Controller does not use Interrupts so that is not an issue. I have run my Test program on the M5A97 for 24 hours already without the BSOD. The Mouse choked up but I saw that on the Z87 as well. I am going to have to experiment with the Interrupt Handler in the ESDI_506.PDR Driver and maybe NVCORE.VXD as well. This particular issue you wouldn't see since you do not have my SATA Patch, so you would not be able to use the affected Ports.
  14. I found a connection between the Graphics Card and the first SATA Controller on the M5A97 and the MSI 970A. They both share the same Interrupt. This may explain the Disk Write Failure BSODs. I moved my Hard Drive to the second Controller and am running another test. This sharing does not occur on my other Computers.
  15. I finally did get a Mouse failure with my Z87 Motherboard with a 7950GX2, but no crashes or other lockups. I am retrying my Math program on the M5A97 without Multicore but it runs much slower and probably will take weeks to test. The XGA Driver ran without problems with the Math program. The MKV Video of course will not run with it. The MSI 970A froze with the XGA Driver but I have had enough thermal problems with it that I cannot be sure. I am thinking about a 760G Chipset Motherboard that promises to support the FX 8370 CPU I bought for the MSI 970A. Unfortunately it has only one PS/2 Port like the Gigabyte Motherboards. It doesn't say "Keyboard OR Mouse". Maybe there is hope for a splitter.