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  1. I think my best bet is to just leave it stock. I don't think going from 3.4ghz to 3.8ghz is going to make that big of a difference in day to day tasks.
  2. I have a Ivy i5 3570k which I guess is a pretty good CPU for overclocking. I have the Turbo boost thing set at 4ghz, but I don't know if it even does anything. I find it all very confusing. Is it better to overclock the cpu and disable turbo boost? Which would be faster? permanently overclocked at 3.8ghz/4ghz or stock 3.4ghz with boost at 4ghz? I have a Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard, XMP supported memory and a Corsair 650M psu. Also I use a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. I think my cooling and setup can hand a overclock at 3.8ghz or even 4ghz. My CPU runs around 27c idle and if I'm making it gets up to about 33-35c. Even on a hot summer day, I haven't seen it get pass 37c. But I really don't know what I'm doing. I managed to suscfully get it at 3.5ghz by bumping up the BCLK but anymore than that it fails and I gotta hit the button on the motherboard to reset it. If someone can help me to get it running stable at 3.8ghz or 4ghz if you think its safe and with out having turbo boost mode enabled, I would really appreciate it. There is so many controls and I don't know what 80% of them do and there is just not that many tuts available on this particular setup. There are videos showing people overclocking it to like 4.7ghz, but its just turbo boost! Not an actual overclock.
  3. From what I was reading, AMD video cards are not fully supported by Adobe and cause problems from what other people were saying. I didn't want to take a chance..also like you said the Radeon HD6970 uses a lot more power and probably have louder fans. My system is pretty quiet, kind of want to keep it that hopefully the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti SC does just I don't have to dig out my extra modular psu cables and because that HD6970 didn't have the right displayports, I'd have to get a new cable. The GTX-750 Ti SC doesn't require extra power, so I don't have to mess with my cable management. I can just install it and be on my way.
  4. Well my friend sent me the video card, but he accidentally sent me the wrong one. Sent a Radeon HD6970 instead. I got a little upset because he told me he was sending a GTX 670 which is a far, far better video card. But he made a honest mistake. But in his defensive, he gave me a expensive video card for nothing. But its not going to work for me, its older technology as well. Doesn't even use PCie 3.0. So I just had enough and ordered a brand new one. I was trying to save some money, but can't always I guess. I ended up ordering the Nvidia Geforce GTX-750 Ti SC. I hear its a killer card for the money and works very well with adobe products and its decent at some games if I ever wanted to play a game someday on my PC. Atleast this card uses the new Maxwell core.
  5. Thats why I like Fractal Design cases. I have a Arc Midi, but I think I might get a Define R5 because I like the design better.
  6. I have a 800mb pagefile set on my SSD and it Windows has yet to use it even though I use photoshop and lightroom all day. So I guess its working fine for me.
  7. I guess that's when Amazon Prime comes in handy! easy and simple returns, haha. Actually...I have bought shoes just because they look good. Hahaha.
  8. That sucks if its true...but I just can't see Microsoft doing this. Lots of IT professionals use that control panel..its very simple and we know exactly where everything is. But if they do remove know it wont be lost forever because someone will figure out a way to bring it back.
  9. So I have 16gb (4x8) of G.Skill F3-17000CL9D PC3-17000, DDR-2133 1.65v installed on a ASUS P8Z77-V LK motherboard. In the BIOS, I have it set to 2133 and I also selected the correct XMP profile and according to the bios, its running at 2133mhz at 1.65v. But when I check it in Windows using CPU-Z, it says its running at 1066mhz at 1.5v. It also says its PC3-12800, not PC3-17000. Windows does however show the correct timing of 9-11-10-28. I can't figure it out. Hopefully someone here can help me so I can get the most of the ram! EDIT: So I think CPUZ shows the actual clock speed of the ram which would be 1066 but double that and its maybe it is running at the right speed. But still weird that it shows its PC3-12800 and not PC3-17000.
  10. I'm actually taking some interest in the Lenovo N50 wireless mouse. Its big, has weight and I guess a very strong wireless signal. It looks cool, I just don't know how comfortable it might be.
  11. I've been using the Logitech M310 wireless mouse for a while and its been working okay but ever since I moved my tower onto my desk, its been acting a bit strange. Also if I plug in a usb 3 2.5" hard drive into the front ports where the wireless dongle is, the mouse hardly works and I'm sure its due to the lack of power available. So I moved it to the two only usb 2.0 ports which are toward the top of cause which I imagine is for keyboards/mouse. It works, but it skips a lot acting as if there isn't enough power but if I bring the mouse closer, it will work fine. Its only a couple feet away so it shouldn't have this much of a problem. But maybe being back of the computer that is surrounded by walls of metal and cables probably degrades the signal just enough. I don't know. I know...wired mouses are better. But I just don't want another cable going across my desk and also getting it snagged on something. I like the freedom!! Anyways..for the ones who are using a wireless mouse, which ones do you like? Couple months ago I bought the Logitech M510 which was suppose to be much better, but it was awful. Never worked right..always skipped. I could've just had a bad one..but didn't want to take the chance so I returned it and got my money back and now been researching for a better wireless mouse that has a stronger signal.
  12. I'm really happy with Windows 10 actually. I don't really have any complaints so far.
  13. I think I'll try a small page file just to make sure I don't have any issues with Adobe products, I heard they like to complain about not having a page file.
  14. So what would be the best thing to do?
  15. Well after browsing around in the device manager, I noticed no chipset driver was installed. That was interesting. Came across something relating to the chipset and the driver was from 2012. Silly windows update. Went to asus and downloaded the latest intel chipset driver which I think was this month and installed it and now under device manager it shows the z77 chipset. Also the display driver was a version off, so I updated that. Hopefully these latest drivers will solve some of the issues I've been having. Fingers crossed!