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  1. Installed WUD v2.5 build 1000. When I launch the application, it says a "newer" version with build 999 is found. This sounds weird. So I went to the actual WUD.exe file, and look at the properties. It does show build 998. Is that what's causing the faulty notice?
  2. I tried google for the exe2cab, and it seems that all the download links are dead. Could you upload it for me? thanks
  3. Yeah, the switch is /X or /extract. Right after I extract it, it also attempts to install. Anyhow, I were able to extract, make a copy quickly, and cancel the installation.
  4. ok, great. that's what i decided to do in the end. thanks all.
  5. That is the problem. I've tried WinRar, and it is a bunch of files, with no lp.cab file. When I click to run the EXE, I can see the lp.cab file, but at the same time, it is installing on my system. Once I click cancel, or once it finished installing it, the lp.cab is gone.
  6. Where can I download the various language packs for Win 7 that I can use to integrate into Win7 installation disk? I know I can download it from windows update after Win7 is installed, but I need the language pack files so I can integrate them into the install disk. I have checked my technet download page, and could not find it. Thanks.
  7. How do I use the ULZ files? I would like to have all the updates integrated to my Win7 install disk.
  8. Where can I find all Windows 7 updates in one place? including IE8 updates. I am about to do a unattended disk with all the latest updates. Thanks.
  9. I am looking for cab files for Windows 7 Language Interface Pack. To use with Win Integrator, I must have the cab files. I've seen on the forums that a technet subscriber can get access to that, however, i am not seeing it anywhere in my technet. If you have a technet or msdn subscription, can you point me where to look for it? thanks.
  10. Have you tried it on Windows 7? I tried to install it, but it says that the driver is not digitally signed. Thus it cannot load the driver at all.
  11. I have a WinXP 64 bits CD with no Service Packs. Some search on the internet, I find SP2 can be downloaded from microsoft. I also found that SP2C is the latest version? or is it? Where can I download SP2C? and if SP3 x64 is available, where is it also? thanks
  12. well, I guess I can also partition it on another WinXP system, then plug into new system to install Win 7.
  13. I installed it on another machine with nVidia 8800GT. It works fine so far! Could be a 9800GX2 thing, since they are 2 GPUs slapped together.
  14. The first time i install it, it did not create the 100MB partition. The second time i install it, it forced me to create a 100mb partition. I read in the other thread that others are forced to create a 200mb partition.
  15. Windows 7 64 bits 7057 installs fine. However, when I click on the "start" button, the screen would go out. System specs: Motherboard Asus P5K SE latest BIOS version 1104 Core 2 Quad Q6600 Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB eVGA 9800GX2 Hitachi 250GB SATA Any clue what might cause this? thanks