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  1. Hi all, been using WPI for about 6 months now for work and at home. Its a great bit of software and has saved me loads of time. I'm now trying to work on a project with a multiboot version of windows including various unattended installs and OS's along with reg tweaks. My plan is to use autorun.inf to always load WPI when the disc is run in Windows. But i would like to add some more functionality such as creating bootable iso's of each OS or unattended install i have on the disc or even just the WPI software installer. I have seen this before using other apps but is it possible with WPI and if so how much work would be involved in getting it running? I assume that if i could get a batch script for cdimage and some small burning package together it would be possible to edit it for WPI. Any hints and tips would be much appriciated.
  2. Just a quick question now. I have been looking through the posts and the files and had a play but i just can't seem to get my head around the coding in create_boot_folders.cmd I just seem to get the same message as hardlocke did. Could someone please post a working copy so i can get a better handle on it. Much appriciated.