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  1. ok folks, now i officially give up. i wanted to try vlite+vista+sii driver x64 but i couldnt even get vlite working. i had a quite ususal error message (based on the forum), tried some of the suggested methods, they didnt work. i will swap the sii controller card for another (jmicron) in a few days and i can only hope that i will behave better. that and the fact that everything we try is like running into a wall leads to this: i stop trying with the sii and nlite combo. id like to thank you, forum members who didnt spare time and effort to help to find a solution to this issue and gave me invaluable advices. we failed but at least we tried. we deserve points for that. and, addressing those who may have this problem in the future: good luck! cheers, g
  2. "you haven't started this thread" yes, THERE i have read it! now i know... when i read it in the first post i thought model description "lan party" was a joke. "latest Sil3112 RAID BIOS version is 4.2.84" and that was my bad, sorry. 1. are they that bad? i had my share of problems with them but i usually do with every electronic device (my extensive aura 8). many people use them, i used them for 3 years. they werent worse than nvraid. 2. my thoughts exactly. i saw cards based on this: jmb366 sata raid + ata port which i also need. but my motherboard features a jmb368 (single ide connector) integrated. do you think they would work together? 3. i dont really need a quick os. i need a relatively fast data storage space to manipulate thousands of pictures eg. faster is better but to tell you the truth this setup (nvraid, later sii raid + the 2 samsung hdds divided into system+swap+data partitions - 6-4-4XXgb) was always enough for me. thanks for your advices, i sure will take them into consideration! g
  3. hi Fernando, thanks for taking interest also in this issue. "Before we start anything like this": we wont 8). 1. the controller has a sii3512, which is similar to sii3112 i think (probaby its successor), they share the same drivers eg. 2. you really shouldnt work that hard 8). i never mentioned said motherboard. i have an "asus p5q se plus" + a sii3512 addon card (not mb integrated). however i would really appreciate if somebody could tell me where have i read that particular model because i did during the last week and its killing me not remembering where. i know i did because first i couldnt believe its a real motherboard model... 3. PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3512&SUBSYS_65121095&REV_01 PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3512&SUBSYS_65121095 PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3512&CC_010400 PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3512&CC_0104 but as i said i upgraded the controllers bios to the latest (actually 4.3.84), and after that did the problems start. then i downgraded back to 4.3.83, because the timing made the new bios the first suspect. only read the following if you are really interested in my course of thought. very offtopic, long and boring! first, only the motherboard is new. ram (2x2gb kingmax), processor (intel core2 6400), raid controller (noname sii3512), hdds (samsung 2x250gb) all worked for about two years. not overclocked. freezing occurs quite randomly, but it ocurred to me that mostly under hdd intensive actions, seemingly nothing to do with cpu. suspects: -ram. i did some very ram intensive work before (panoramic photo stitching, tonemapping etc), + i tried both ram modules alone in different slots + 1 ran memtest86+ 4.00 (although only one cycle). i think not the ram. -cpu. i gave it some heavy work (partly the above + encoding timelapse movies, compression - 7zip uses both cores etc). temperature never above 32C. not cpu. -hdds. i unplugged them from the raid card and connected them to the mainboards plain sata plug. booted up from an another hdd and checked them with my usual two software: hddtune and hdscan (these do surface scan, they dont care about filesystem). all ok. -sata cables. changed them. not the cables. these more or less eliminate everything except the raid controller card. but i needed an affirming test. i rebuilt my old system: another mainboard, cpu, ram, power supply, only the hdds, the raid controller and the video card the same. the problem appeared on the old computer too. in my book this leaves the raid controller (and eliminates the new mainboard, cpu, ram), the video card and the slight possibility that i changed the sata cables to another bad ones. primary suspect: the raid addon card... now i try to torture it under a clean install of winxp x86 where it worked fine with the same drivers for about 2 years. chances are the card will lose: 1 of 2 tests failed. i cant see an error in my methodology or line of thouhgt, but if you can of course im open to advices. cheers, galocza
  4. well i used the latest bios and driver (sii homepage emphasises to upgrade the bios to use with the latest driver). AFTER the problems started i downgraded to the previous bios to see what happened. i really dont want to bother you with this problem, this is an another issue and i think i pinpointed the source (2-3 days of testing and hw/sw changes). cheers, g ps, ontopic: whatever the outcome the sii card is still good enough to test vista with the 64bit driver and ill do that (because otherwise im out of ideas) when i get to it and report back
  5. hi, i havent forgotten about you, but i have stability difficulties, and the last days i have spent trying to rule out working components. and it seems that the source of my problems is (...drumroll...) the raid controller (or its driver). i just wrote this down for you to know that theres a possibility i will have to buy a new raid controller and if i can i will avoid a silicon image product (i had to return one already, this is the second). now i will install a 32bit winxp with 32bit driver (which worked fine) if the problem persists its the controller card. cheers, g
  6. i have .net 1.1.4322 and 2.0.50727. windows update doesnt offer anything for download below 3.x, so i guess im up to date.
  7. thanks but id did not work. i checked, i have .net 1&2 with all the updates (but i think they are also necessary for nlite). i couldnt even select my source directory, so i copied the install stuff into the root of d: (which wsa the default). then it started to change the read only attribute for the whole parttion (about 450gb, most of the raid). all right tought i, i do have time... after half an hour i realised that the hdds should have been working hard with changing the attribute for all those files but they didnt. i tried both the installer and the 7zip version. all in all pulling my own aching tooth is more fun than using that program...
  8. sorry, i was overdramatic. i canr think but that doesnt mean i cant do what im told 8). i guess i just have to take notes if i cant remember what i was doing 3 minutes earlier.. about the test: mod b worked with windows vanilla (f6) but failed when integrated with nlite (otherwise clean as usual). i was suspecting something thats what checking it out took this long but i rememred wrong.
  9. ill do that, but before a quick report: your previous pack didnt work with f6. i readded the header and the first two "value" lines to txtsetup.oem and replaced the inf file with the original and worked with f6. then i tried the above but with your modified inf file. and i cant remember if this was integrated or f6... i know it didnt work. im getting very sleepy and tired and possibly sick, so after i try your mod "b" ill probably close shop for today... tomorrow ill home in the afternoon but ill be probably sleeping as ill be on night duty at the pharmacy. i just wanted you to know that i didnt give up but in the next 2 days ill be mostly unavailabe. i can make a build now and then though. ok, lets see modb!
  10. hi johnhc, these are registry values, from udma5 i think with these hdd models only certain working modes are allowed (lower speed?) or something like that. im looking into this part of the file, ill be back later if i find something. Fernando: it didnt work with f6. but i still think the problem is with the config files but maybe you just deleted too much. ill try a few things. cheers, g
  11. "The quicker loading of the driver may have been caused by my customization." i dont know its really just a moment. maybe it doesnt mean anything, but id think that that one second interval for other drivers is spent loading them into memory and not analyzing the descriptor files. i just might have time for this test and i have to go to work (again), so my answer will be short...
  12. noooooo, my whole post is gone, msfn for the first time threw me out... ok, lets recreate it: sorry Fernando, no luck (are you sure your fingers were crossed? 8)... however i noticed something interestin (which doesnt mean its important): when "setup is loading files" the sii driver appears among the others but for a much shorter time. other drivers are shown for about a second, this one only for a fraction. so i guess its much smaller (which i doubt) or it is skipped by the winxp setup... on the other hand i will borrow my brothers vista x64 install disc and try with that one vlite and this driver (they share the same driver). if it goes smoothly, its a safe assumption that the problem lies with nlite and xib. if not i am again clueless. btw im not uncomfortable with the thought of adding the driver manually, actually i have found a guide here on msfn. but id rather find a general solution for those who will visit this forum with the same problem. oh, and ive updated the controller cards bios, though i dont think it matters. no success there either... i hope this post will be ok now...
  13. hi John, id like to try a few things yet, a. because i dont want our time invested to be wasted, b. im pigheaded. i really hope that two programs cant be wrong so the problem lies with the driver. i cant understand half of those driver text files but what i can do is to take a few of the other textmode drivers and compare these to them. and hope that some error becomes evident. and then i can be a master of trial and error too, like Kurt 8). if theres anything new, i will report back. thanks again for all your time, g
  14. thanks for your quick reply. is it certain that both software are guilty and the driver innocent? i thought maybe theres an error with the driver descriptor files. a " in the wrong place or a \ or something. i never had problems with nlite (except for that blasted teletext codec), and im not saying its infallable but from an absolutely non-expert point of view the driver seems to be more suspicious. btw i have 2 samsung hdds in raid0, not the exact same model because one of the originals had to be returned. anyway, thanks for your effort, its a shame that your time (and others) was wasted - for nothing... at least the next victim wont go through all this in vain.
  15. hi, 1. in post #19 you asked for builds with modified (and i did that, and the others) but the error message you asked about in #21 happened with flattened. thats why the misunderstanding 2. yes, i guess ive come to the same conclusion. last question: im sorry, i always forget about answering that, and yes. i always have a full copy of the windows installation cd in my toinst dir (if its needed for a driver, eg), thats what i copy to a temporary place and the new dir is what i run nlite or xib on. but to be on the safe side, i compared the directory to the unmodified install cd - they are the same. as for the lack of problems with this before: the guy who started this topic had the same problem. i pm-d him, but no reply. anyway, as ive written above according to valves steam survey only 0.45% of their customers use windows xp x64. i guess a few percent of that use nlite or have sii raid chipset. and the last two factors together - well, it might not be that high a number... update: ive checked the updated numbers now its 0.64% (+0.19%): valve steams survey