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  1. XtremeMaC & Tarun, Thanks a lot to both of U. MY computer is better now with ur help. Thanks a lot. Zooha
  2. HI, I need help. I have windows ME and i installed new Screen driver which is was NVIDIA. But they have taken my reall drive which i had before and gave me no new drive. And now i need not the new one of NIVDIA screen driver but the old one which is include when we update windows. plzzzzzzzzz help its urgent. Thanks in advance.
  3. IM using ADSL and its working fine....... Actueally i havet installed that windows from that cd which firme have given to me bec they have a lot of program whcih im not using... so that way i have install an other win ME ....... and thats way thay cant finde that driver
  4. oki thanks i try to finde out about that....... bec i have a modem on my com maybe its thats driver... they cant finde ...... :s
  5. They cant fine that driver i dont know which driver is that,.... but there is just written PCI Communication device driver.... not found
  6. HI everyone. I'm new in this forum and need some help .. hope some one of U can help me. I have WIN ME on my computer and i need the PCI COMMUNICATION DEVISE DRIVER. I can't find that driver on my Windows that means my windows can not finde that driver Automaticaly. SO please help me..... Thanks in Advanture...