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  1. cant wait for the ram to go down again needin some DDR400
  2. happy birthday
  3. Its pointless..theres no reason for the home user to use 64 bit right now... as far as will it beat the P4... well probably the latest northwood but i dont think so against Prescott.. theres too many tweaks to the arch. plus smaller process and more L2 cache... and if the 64 can only beat intel @ less than 9% ... Its not that good. Im not a fan boy but AMD needs to perform better than 9% cause a simple cache increase will close that gap ...only reason why it won was because the 64 has a On Die Memory controller that runs at core frequency ... new tech (Athlon 64) vs. Not as new (p4) ... which doesnt have an on die memory controller... put that in a P4 and im sure u would see things change.
  4. <~ Ownz
  5. dang i voted yesterday and forgot which one i picked..think it was 4
  6. mine Ownz
  7. i dunno ...if its gonna take away my rights as a human being i dont want it (Sarcasm)
  8. i remember it got mad at me for booting into it ..and bluescreened lol.
  9. what the hell are u smokin! i want some !! u cant put spyware in a **** cpu lol ...if ur talkin bout Le Grande technology ..its suppose to prevent Boot virus and stuff not SPY on u... and u give Windows ME so much credit ... well if i remember ...ME would blue screen if u LOOKED at it wrong thats such a unreliable comment to fall back on lol. Second LH wont have a new file system its still NTFS... WinFS is a SQL Server Indexing service that will be implimented to help NTFS run faster... Longhorn isnt gonna change anything...its gonna make it better.
  10. think thats best left to your imagination ... lets just say ... um .. theres a work around lol
  11. dont forget its only an alpha build if im correct.
  12. if he was ...well then i needed a good freakin laugh
  13. im learnin C++ 6.0 in my programming class but im wonderin ...if u should get Visual Studio .Net and just not use 6.0 cause honestly i dont see why i wanna learn a 5 yr old coding method when i can get a jump on the game and learn it in .net ..
  14. very kewl orderin a case door thats got a modded window for my case ...i need to do a better wiring job in my case...wish i knew someone who could do that cause when i was puttin it together u can only bend and fold things so much and still think to yourself "it still looks like crap lol "
  15. happy birthday old are ya