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  1. Thanks for all your help. Some i already new, but most was very very useful, and new to me....
  2. Thank you....
  3. 1a) How do i control/amend the loading order of programs ? 1b) What determines this loading order 2) Programs load to the system tray and are visible and next time i load up they are not ? Any good reason ? [YIM latest/Trillian/Webshots] 3) Webshots (latest version0 - it loads up open, i would like to know how to get it minimized to the system tray ? 4) Etiquette - have i broken any by (a) asking more than one question and ( by asking a question in the wrong section.... Thanks in advance for any help. Looking around, there are some great people who supply lots of help...
  4. My computer skills are somewhat basic....and some are intermediate. I cannot tell a lie.. ...i have come to use and abuse your expertise.. I hope my honesty will at least be warmly welcomed. ...look out for dodgy simple questions in Windows XP.....
  5. Still no help on this one. Tried other ideas. Anybody ??.....
  6. In MSConfig; One has location has Startup and the same program says location Common startup. By manually add i meant, i used Reg Cleaner to add the file into the registry. It was in the registry, but cannot find a DLL file. thanks
  7. Thanks for the advice so far. Have run Spybot...nothing... cheers
  8. Its in the All Users. There are NO other folders in any User folders.... Thanks..
  9. Thanks for the reply. The item was a created shortcut that i placed in the start up folder.
  10. I have a problem...and btw....i should add my knowledge is a little towards basic.... Any file in my StartUp Folder loads twice. It loads as StartUp & Common. I remove one in MSConfig and alternative....and guess what both disappear. I have tried to manually add the program, but it cannot find a specific DLL file. Can anyone give me a few suggestions of things to try.....
  11. Can anyone help ? I have been going to windows up date for some time now and the scan produces no results. I have contacted MS but the responses have not helped. See the note copied below. Any other thoughts as to why the scan does not show any updates. thanks DL ================================================ Thank you for contacting Microsoft Update Support. I understand that you are encountering "No Update Available" message while accessing the Windows Update site. If I have misunderstood your concern, please let me know. This issue can be caused by variety of things. I have outlined some common suggestions below: ============ SUGGESTION 1: ============ We have found that this can be caused if the date on your system is not correct. Please double click on the time in the right hand corner of your screen and set the date, time and time zone to the correct time. This should resolve this issue. If your issue is unresolved then, try suggestion 2. ============ SUGGESTION 2: ============ This issue can also be caused by not have English US as the top language in Internet Explorer. To set the Language to English US, please follow the instructions given below: 1. Open the Internet Explorer. 2. Select the Tools menu and click on the option Internet Option. 3. Select the General Tab and click on the Language button. 4. Then place English US at the top of the list. If your issue persists then, try suggestion 3. ============ SUGGESTION 3: ============ This could be caused because of the corrupt temporary internet files. Try deleting the cookies and Offline contents from your Browser settings. Follow the steps given below to delete the Cookies and Offline Contents. 1. Open Internet Explorer (IE). 2. Under the Tools menu, click Internet Options. 3. Click Delete Cookies. 4. Click Delete Files, check the option "Delete all offline content" and click OK to confirm. Now connect to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and see if you can install the updates. .... <there was a little bit more>....