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  1. I agree.... _________________________________________________ YES, freedom FROM religion!!!!!!! The World would be a Better place without it!!!! However, even if there was a "GOD", that lives in this place call "Heaven", Why would I want to go there, jus to become a slave..... for all Eternity I mean, you even said it yourself. _________________________________________________ Now, I'm Finished with this Discussion, an don't Quote me anymore, PLEASE This is exactly what I was talkin' about, when I said.... Because, I DON'T Really Care!!!!!!! Now, Good Day
  2. Hee Hee.... It's ME Madman Crazy Tom
  3. Run an Hide.... Scccrrreeeaaam!!!!! lol What will be, will be??? Not much point to life anyway please don't push your Religion on me, I not in the mood for Fictional Fairytales We're all mortal, an we're eventually going to die some time, jus live your life to the fullest... So get over it, an quit worrying about it! lol Wow... my first post