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  1. Can the T-12 thingy be changed? In older versions (pre 2.xx) WIHU was able to run, without being greyed out.
  2. I have been trying this myself for about a year now, non of the methods/packs that are posted here seem to work on this board (P4C800 Deluxe, not the -E- version). During textmode install the drivers are loaded and the harddisks are recognised. GUI-mode install also works, but when Windows wants to boot for the first time after that, it crashes because of the missing drivers (it displays the Windows logo screen for one second and then resets the pc). When i connect that drive to the motherboard (ICH5 chipset) connector it normally boots to windows without problems. After manually installing the Promise drivers, and connecting the drive back to the Promise controller, it works normally without resets. All methods result in this problem. Is there anyone with this board that got it to work in sata of raid mode?
  3. Thanks for adding this, tried it and works perfectly!
  4. I am using the "settings" part of wihu to give a user an interactive option to create a new primary user. I pre-fill the dialog boxes with defaults for username/password/etc. That way, if no user input is detected, the program will continue and create a default user. Is there a commandline parameter to enable "Add administrator rights to new user", or is it better to use the .ini file for setting these defaults? If so, then how would i add a user to the Administrator group? Another question, is it possible to remove/hide/disable the "load" button?
  5. About the not installing xpi part... When running CMD.EXE, using (*.xpi) assumes you are already in the right directory. This is most likely not the case. So the command should be changed to scan the correct folder for xpi's. Maybe somthing like (c:\install\firefox\xpi\*.xpi).
  6. Thanks, handy to have these in one file.
  7. You can do a silent install using: lusetup.exe /q
  8. Have you tried using RegMon to find it?
  9. I have an external 80GB USB 2.0 harddrive and it is seen by text mode setup. My 256MB stick is not seen. Maybe text mode setup only shows drives big enough to install windows on.
  10. @Alanoll / Benjamin: Look here for an example tree view. This looks VERY good Almost can't wait for this to be implemented
  11. @Dali In this beta you could use the "Hide" command for this purpose. In the sample "install.ini" file of v2.0 beta change: [Multiple command.x Test] .... hide.0=1 hide.1=1 hide.2=1 The result will be 1 description line [....] which will execute 3 commands when selected. @Benjamin: I actually requested the hide option to have a possibility to always let commands be executed (hide an entire section). This way, the user can NOT DEselect these commands. In the latest beta you always(?) have the [.....] description, and you ARE able to (de)select this line. Are you still planning to inplement the old functionality to hide an entire section ? Another question, are you planning to implement "Windows Explorer" like Expand/collapse [+] , [-]. The way you display the list now, my software list has gotten twice as long I am sorry to say, but the way the latest beta operates/works now, i prefer the old version Only missing thing there is the "skip software installation dialog" part Otherwise, you are doing a great job i am sure things eventually work out.
  12. I like the look of the app as it is now, could be a little bigger though. But if it's to much of a hassle you can leave it the way it is. It's fine by me.
  13. @PoloDude: Did you try using "C:" instead of "%systemdrive%" ? It could also be a bug in the beta versions of .Net and Visual Studio.
  14. Benjamin, two questions: 1. Correct me if a am wrong, but using the /admin=<name> commandline parameter it is not possible to create a new account and rename the default Administrator account into that. Maybe that could be realised by adding a checkbox "rename default Administrator account" next to the "Administrator rights" one. 2. I can check a file using the File.x= line in the install.ini file. Can this command also be used on files without a version number. If not, could you please add that. Not all files have a version number (e.g. some MS Powertoys). Only checking if a file exists is enough sometimes.
  15. @PoloDude Starting progams from cd\dvd is possible. Just start WIHU from cd and it will search on the same drive for the programs. You don't need to use %cdrom% in your install.ini, instead use a command like this: [Miranda IM] command=miranda\Setup.exe /S description=like ICQ In the folder where wihu.exe is located it will look for the "miranda" folder and start "Setup.exe /S"