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  1. Hi, guys. I want to integrate Vista icon, visual style, wallpaper,cursor in my unattended XP, but, If exist some AddOns, silent installer please give me a link. Thank's, and sorry for my bad English.
  2. Please help me. How can install a software , compiled with "DemoShield Multi-CD Launch", silentli. My applications is Technisat SkyStar2.I want to add this applications in my UAXPcd. Sorry for my bad english, and thank you guy's.
  3. @TERRYHOAX First, sorry for my bad english. I use SkyStar2 DVB-S card. Install your dvb-card driver normaly.Next step, install DriverGuid Toolkit software (, and use this to back-up your "non-microsoft drivers". Open nLite and add your saved xxxxxdriver.inf file (hotfix and driver integration), in your XPCD. ProgDVB can be installed with OEM and start.cmd. I use this metod, and works very good. Best regards. Btw. If works, please tell me.
  4. Thank You Kelsenellenelvian
  5. First, sorry for my bad english. My questions is , can I add more music files in WPI\Audio folder, like mp3, wma files? How? Thanks, guys
  6. Hy all First, sorry for my bad english. Second, : I need help. I create my first unattended XP SP2 DVD, but i have some errors i think, because when launch my "start.cmd", in first logon, 2 or 3 program start install in same time.I use nLite 1.0 RC6, integrate hotfix, some add-on and tweaks. My questions is , how can I stop the second .exe to start, or paused "????" time, while the first app is installed completly? ============================================== ECHO. ECHO Installing Nero 7 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Nero7.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing Nero 7 chm ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Nero7chm.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing ACDSee Pro 8 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\ACDSee8\acdseepro.exe ================================================ Where is my error? Please HEEELP.