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  1. About that flying spagetti monster. Had to do a complete clean install because of it. I'm telling you it's horrible !!! LOL
  2. I got my registration code. I still can't believe it. thanks again !!!
  3. I thought that the explorer.exe controlled among other things the "DESKTOP" I did as you said before and the desk top never came up.
  4. I have a laptop that won't boot up. It gets me as far as xp screen but no desk top. I do an ctrl, alt delete and find that the process "explorer.exe administartor " is useing anywhere from 67% to 99% of my cpu usage. Because it's the explorer.exe process if I shut it down of course I won't be able to get to the desk top. The person who owns this laptop said that Nortons discovered a trogan before all of this started happening. Any ideas how I can get into this system so that I can run a virus check? Thanks