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  1. Hello there, I have many VB6 applications that connect to either sql or oracle databases using crystal reports 7.5. what i have noticed is that, after printing the report and closing it, if the application isn't closed, the connection between the report and the database isn't released. how can i solve this prob. Thanks
  2. Hey there, i have a question concerning ADO programming in VB if i have this line of code: myDB.execute "update tableX set values x=1 , y = 2 where some condition", RecordsAffected this would return the records affected by the query in the variable RecordsAffected. my question is, if i don't put the parameter RecordsAffected , does the call still returns the that number? to be more clear in context: i have a remote server and i want to minmize the traffic as much as i can, so if by removing RecordsAffected i don't get a repsonse back again i would remove it, if the response is returned even if it's removed i'll keep it. thanks.
  3. thx alot dude, i didn't read the code yet but from the description it seems to be just what i want i'll try it tomorrow at work , thanks again
  4. hey thx for the replies, i did my search and what i need is a twain ocx but i didn't find any that is freeware if anyone knows a good site for ocx control where i might find such thing, please let me know thanks
  5. Hello there does anyone have an idea on how to communicate with scanner from within vb? thanks.
  6. Dangerous Hacker!

    erm... he was being sarcastic, he wasn't really checking..
  7. Hey there, is there a way to set the oracle services from within VB (the .WORLD files) since in the DSNless connection string you have to specify it. thanks
  8. Recovery Vehicle (Extra Funny)

    actually you should look at the 5th vs last, you'll notice the people have the same positions
  9. "Provider = MSDAORA;User ID=myuser;Password=mypwd;Data Source=myserver;DATABASE=mydb;" hey there, am using this DSNless conenction string to connect to an oracle db is there a way to set the server name instead of the service name (ie: oracle.world) in the Date Source field. thanks.
  10. Decoding Microsoft keys

    w2k , it got windows' key , but not office's key (office 2000)
  11. Your Native Tongue

    main: arabic (lebanon) also speak: english , french can understand italian and spanish a bit since they resemble french to some extent
  12. Can't Login - Fails To Connect To Domain

    try removing your network cable
  13. Will Vista be as fast as XP?

    erm... Windows Xp is fast?
  14. weird

    am i wrong or did my last post just dissapear? lol my smily lost the waving contest