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  1. Hey gang. Looking to reserve windows 10 but without actually installing it and using it. I want to keep using windows 7 until all the new games aren't working anymore and windows 7 is fully no longer supported with any security patches (aka like windows xp last year). But like I said, I do want to have that free upgrade when that time comes. Now from my knowledge, in order to reserve windows 10 and have it available when I want to next upgrade, I need to use my win 7 keys while installing windows 10? So could I use my backup laptop to format, install windows 7 with CD-key, then upgrade to windows 10, then format it again (so I keep using windows 7 with my CD-key on my main desktop computer). Or can I just install windows 10 directly using my windows 7 CD-key, then wipe it out so again, I can use windows 7 on my main computer? For this, is there an .iso file I can download (someone provided me both x86 and x64 .iso files when I asked for them on microsoft answers I believe the site was).
  2. Under windows, I have un-checked "Allow this device to wake the computer" Under BIOS, I have disabled anything that references wake-on-lan. I don't really have a problem as I can live with it. Thanks for all the info
  3. Ah, I had a feeling this would be the case. My (very old) PC, laptop when plugged in (ethernet cable) and NAS (synology) not keeping the LED on on my switch made me think otherwise. Any chance to disable that, just an FMI.
  4. Yep, I got the WRT54GL. Actually just ordered today a E1000 too. I run DD-WRT v23 on my 54GL (quite old I know). Once I get the E1000, I'l keep the 54GL as a backup, and install the latest (and only apparently) DD-WRT firmware on the E1000 And yes, my bad, under WPA Algorithm I do have the AES option (option TKIP or TKIP+AES). Security mode is WPA2 Pre-Shared Key Only (other option WPA2 Pre-Shared Key Mixed, or RADIUS Only/Mixed)
  5. I lost internet access to Virtual PC 2007 when I changed my router default address (from x.x.x.1 to another last digit for IP). Since then, Virtual PC no longer connects to internet ( I have Win XP on Virtual PC and Windows 7 on my main machine) Could anyone help? Thanks EDIT: Fixed. I just had to drop the IP in the virtual machine and renew it. Prolly to re-new updated router address
  6. Hey guys. Any clue why my LAN would stay powered when the PC is off? Would it have something to do with Windows 7? In device manager I have unticked "Allow this device to wake up computer" Basically when I shut it down, my switch LED turns off for about 2 seconds, then comes on again. If I would kill the PC power (turn PSU off), switch LED would turn off, and will stay off until I start the computer again.
  7. Thanks Typo? WPA2 with AES cipher is current best practice. The last thing you want tis anything to do with those three letters: WEP. Yes typo. I have WPA2 Pre-Shared. My WRT54GL does not have an AES option for wireless security.
  8. Thanks for the input. Fortunately, nobody has access to my physical machines. But I do live in a complex, so neighbors were on my mind. So bottom line, since my wireless is WEP2 and the pass for that is pretty strong with lots of mixed characters, plugging in ethernet cable or continue using the wireless shouldn't make much of a difference yes?
  9. Yea, my wireless is WPA2 encryption. But was just wondering if user and pass transmission from Win 7 to target via network is encrypted, or if it's plain. Or if it's done via wireless, it uses the WPA2 encryption? I have the WPA2 encryption in my router settings for wireless.
  10. Hey, really would like to know. I just bought a NAS, and I would like to know if I log-in through Network, would the username and pass my NAS requires for the specific username, be encrypted? I'm basically using Wireless to connect to my router, hence why I wouldn't want someone with packet sniffer get my NAS user and pass. Thanks
  11. Hello guys, I have the same problems as it's described in this thread. The only solution I have understood from that thread, is to install the applications directly from the CD, which I did. However, as in that thread, the applications won't start. It will open up in Task Manager, but will close immediately after without any warnings or errors. Are there any solutions please? Thanks.
  12. Hey, good news. Disabled the idle timer (which was at 4s!!) and from what I can notice, everything is all smooth, no more parking. So glad I found the wdidle3 file Cheers for all the help. Until next time.
  13. haha, for sure Now, I only need to find a way to boot to DOS so I can use it. Any ideas? I kept looking into it, like freeDOS, or DOS 6.22, but I remember having problems with them when I flashed my ATI GPU. I can't really find a DOS .iso that supports NTFS. (to read the idle3) If you could let me know how to do that. Cheers!
  14. Wait, on the link you give on WD site, it says "This utility is designed to upgrade the firmware of the following hard drives: WD1000FYPS-01ZKB0, WD7500AYPS-01ZKB0, WD7501AYPS-01ZKB0." But I have WD1600BEVT-75A23T0 However, the guy on notebook review said he had a WD1200BEVE. Also the file inside the zip has a .txt showing different parameters. Yet on the WD site it says it's a plain firmware update? I don't want to brink my HDD :/
  15. Thanks. So which option would be better in your opinion? I mean considering if both will solve the main issue, the clicking, what about the other aspects (which I don't really know what they are , maybe detecting a fall?) Which option would you pick, and why? Cheers