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  1. On the Malicious Tool issue: Spanish source + KB890830-V1.36 -> WU/MU asks for both May and December KB890830. Spanish source + KB890830-V1.35 (November) -> WU/MU asks only for December KB890830. Don't have the logs right now, hope that helps.
  2. Thanks, now it works!
  3. Not working here, I just get a blank page .
  4. No idea... Yes, it sais "Mostrar escritorio", just tested on VirtualBox.
  5. Spanish: windowsxp-kb905474-esp-x86_81bc16dc4f8487e20287184f085203dbfc2a6a94.exe As a side note, the "Show desktop" icon was created successful by v1.7.0 on spanish source. Should be added to the "workaround NOT necessary" list.