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  1. XP sp2 Professional Chinese editon XP sp2 Professional Chinese editon
  2. URL http://d8.yousendit.com/F/3DRH8WSO825YT33V...rino_Zhangs.wmv BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Zhang Dan, who won a silver medal after lifting herself up from a crashing fall in the pairs figure skating to finish her program, has suffered a ligament strain in her left knee, Xinhua news agency said. "We took Zhang Dan to a local hospital and had a full check-up," Xinhua quoted Ji Chunnan, a doctor in the Chinese camp in Turin, as saying. "The result was quite optimistic. There is a ligament strain in her left knee." Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, contenders for the gold medal, won silver on Monday when an attempted quadruple Salchow spin went wrong. Zhang landed in the splits and had to stop. Five minutes later the 20-year-old returned to the ice and continued to skate, complete with twists and throws, to the delight of the crowd who cheered her every move. "There is still pain in my knee but I feel better now," Zhang Dan was quoted as saying on Tuesday. "The doctor advised me no walking for five days ... I hope the injury will heal in time to compete at the 2006 World Championships (March 20-26 in Calgary)."
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  4. I write a English comment for usboot. Word 2003 document MSN:zhy0923@hotmail.com QQ:249324211 comment.doc
  5. Thank you ! I am so happy to hear that~
  6. 没有可以显示的页面
  7. I am a Enigma fan ,and I have all Enigma music. But less people know Enigma ?That ture?
  8. Is this the Outlook Express file?
  9. http://hdt.downloadsky.com:8080/down/wmxzsetup_skycn.exe
  10. I know some Chinese software can remove IE,but you understant Chinese.
  11. You are so fun right now.
  12. I heard it from TV.
  13. Thx,Chinese for "错误". I undersand it~
  14. great China ,and in beijing. also a computer and music cfan
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