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  1. Most likely you've missed boot-info-table option. Check the documentation for CDIMAGE more closely.... Unless I've missed the boat (more than likely) I am not able to even build the ISO using mkisofs and the .bat instructions initially given. It's possible that I'm using different file revs, but when trying to build it, I get the erorr that "mkisofs: missing pathspec"
  2. Here's something I've been tearing my hair out over the last couple of days: Trying to get BartPE to eject the CD, pause, then reboot the PC. I have gotten this to somewhat work with peshuteject.exe, and was hoping for some help. To start with, I have a "reboot.cmd" file I created that will change directories to the RAM drive, release the IP, then reboot. Since peshuteject, I've modified it to read (B: is the RAMDRIVE): ========================= b: ipconfig /release @echo off copy %SystemDrive%\Programs\Reboot\peshuteject.exe b:\ b:\peshuteject.exe /eject:%systemdrive% cls @echo. @echo. @echo. Please remove BartPE from the drive and press SPACE to reboot @echo. @echo. pause b:\peshuteject.exe /reboot ========================= I have the reboot.cmd file set to copy to the RAMDRIVE on bootup, and put the %ramdrv% in the PATH statement of pebuilder.inf so the reboot.cmd can be run from anywhere. When it fails, it hangs immediately after ejecting the CD. I can do the "peshuteject.exe /eject:%systemdrive% /reboot", but that doesn't give the tech enough time to remove the CD before the PC reboots and yanks it back in. Help!