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  1. Thanks Nazgul, I assume that I just run the utility when I have both of the CD's in, right?
  2. I use CMenu (available on this forum), which just sits in your right click menu, and you just right click the installer, More Options\Installer Tools\Identify Installer. This will tell you what (and probably more than) what you need to know. I highly recommend it.
  3. Just FYI, you can use the above said reg tweaks to set any DPI. For example, I prefer 125 DPI. All you have to do is change the ["LogPixels"=dword:] value to the hex number of your DPI. Ex: mine is 0000007d=125. It's just the DPI in hexadecimel. I believe that the rest of the setting changes stay the same as for above said DPI changes.
  4. I have the upgrade version, which doesn't work very well because you need to verify that you have another legal copy of windows part way into the installation. I am going to try to borrow my friend's XP Pro Retail and compare his to mine. I'll let you know my results. By the way, instead of comparing the CD's manually, is there a utility to compare the files on two different CD's?
  5. You need to add UnattendSwitch="yes" under the [unattended] heading of your winnt.sif file.
  6. It doesn't really work anyway, so don't waste your time.
  7. And from knowing the installer type you can determine the switch? Does each installer have a standardized silent switch?
  8. I've heard you more experienced guys say that you can tell which switch a program uses for silent install just by looking at the setup.exe file. Care to let us all in on the secret?
  9. Sorry, I didn't know there were only illegal ways of accomplishing what I asked.
  10. I would assume it would still work, because the only things that really make your disk unattended are the winnt.sif and silent switches for programs. I think that it would be no problem since RunOnceEx has nothing to do with winnt.sif, just as long as you still have a cmdlines.txt in your $OEM$ folder to tell windows to run ROE at T-12.
  11. Inspired by my cleanup.cmd file on my unattended disk, I set out to make a batch file that I can use for daily cleanup: emptying the recyle bin, deleting temporary internet and temp files, etc. I was wondering about a few things, like how can I delete the entire contents of a folder but not the folder itself? And how do I know when to use the "DEL" command and when to use the "RD /S /Q"? Any other tips like how to overwrite the files (making them unreadable) or anything like that would be welcome. I'm sure there are freeware programs that do just this and look better doing so, but it'd be cool to write it myself (with your help of course). Thanks.
  12. Sweet tip, I never knew you could do it that way. Thanks man.
  13. Do you have the switchse for all those? I know for a fact that adobe reader and nero switches are in the "Application Switches" sticky in this subforum. And for DirectX 9.0c, I know the switch is "/silent." For the others, idk, you might have to search.
  14. Which programs are giving you trouble?
  15. I am a n00b as well, but I have searched into this. I made my unattended with an Upgrade version of XP Pro. I have tried 4 different things, and so far, nothing will let me change to either a Full(Retail) or Volume(Corporate) CD. If you want to know what I have tried, I'd be glad to tell you. I hope things work out better for you than they have for me. Buena suerte senor.