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  1. I've retested it, and I still have problems running it under my Vista version. Just keep pressing the ENTER button so it tries to start the program several times does work for a few instances though.
  2. It doesn't run @ Vista Ultimate Dutch here. EDIT: After pressing 10 times on it 1 started up
  3. No, I haven't rebooted, just pressed "Stop Service" RAM is 1GB and 4GB Pagefile. So disabling both services with reboot should make up cache? Or should they be removed?
  4. I tried the same with 3 VMWare images, 1 normal Vista, 1 without RB and 1 without RB and SF. And the values are in pair with your values. I got 9MB from RB and 22MB from SF. But as SF makes things start faster, I wouldn't disable this myself.
  5. I read some posts about the so called "font tweak". What exactly is this doing? And is there a way to disable the "Cleartype" from Vista so it's around the same as with XP Cleartype (Set to Standard if i'm not mistaken)? Since it's looking horrible on my CRT