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  1. Broken links to links and tutorials
  2. just checked it Good work pal !
  3. I love Kerio Personal Firewall ... I hope they keep releasing updates for this.
  4. hey, my old files' checksum was A746C85057C0AC10F9CB286743DAE23D *CDIMAGE_GUI.EXE i downloaded again from that same page and it was unsuccessful the second time... pretty weird anyway, i was able to use that program to make my CD.. thanks
  5. wow.. it worked now... thanks
  6. thanks for the welcome rjz i m already enjoying the stay.. created my first unattended XP CD... can't wait to do more..
  7. when i run CDIMAGE_GUI and try to install that to C:/CDIMAGE i get this error Extracting CDIMAGE Extracting CDIMAGE\boot.img Extracting CDIMAGE\cdimagegui.exe CRC failed in CDIMAGE\cdimagegui.exe Unexpected end of archive Plz help
  8. Right where the poster said it was. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> why is it exe?
  9. IT Manager in a small firm in Chicago... Love this site and its resources.. looking fwd to know u all
  10. oops