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  1. Universal Extractor

    I was using the latest v1.5 official release,but for some odd reason those files couldn't be extracted. I solved the issue by extracting the binary archive,overwriting the previous files. Now it unpacks those files properly [EDIT] Updated the previous post with 2 new (currently unsupported) examples
  2. Universal Extractor

    Here's a few examples of currently non-supported installers: InnoSetup Unknown Installer ? NOTE: This post will be updated as I find more.
  3. Universal Extractor

    Great work,that's one $^%& of a changelog. You're like a machine Just a quick question: Will you _ever_ add support for extracting Nullsoft PIMP installers? IMO,PIMP is one of the most annoying installers ever created.People are still using this one on purpose,knowing that almost no app is able to extract it I don't like installing tons of trash (and malware) on my system (most times I only need a single file from the package) Most of the stuff I have/download (when there's no SFX/zipped version available) turns out to be 'pimped'
  4. nLite 1.3 Final - Gas Powered Commander

    I would like some more removals for 1.4: - Removal of some filesystems - Removing some leftover bloat,more info in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=85456 - Removal of all 'flavors' of the Task Manager from the Windir and Sys32 and everything that goes with them. What's the use of this old and limited app if using a better alternative,like Process Explorer for example - Removal of the 'Search' menu (completely from the Start Menu) and removal of the 'Network Connections','Printers & Faxes' and 'Taskbar & Start Menu' from the Start -> Settings Menu - Preventing XP and especially apps like XnView to ever set a wallpaper to the desktop (Remove everything that allows programs to do this) - If certain files (EXE or DLL) are present twice in both the 'Windows' and 'System32' directory,remove the duplicates from the 'Windows' dir. - minlogon integration
  5. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Check out the new, redesigned nLite page.What an improvement! I really like the new design,looks much cleaner and even better than the vLite page.And not only that,there's now a ton of extra goodies.Great job,nuhi <3 nLite <3
  6. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Downloaded at last (after some experimenting) For all of you who still can't download nLite from nuhi's homepage here's the solution in 4 easy steps: 1. First,enable referrer logging for nliteos.com 2. Next,make sure you've enabled *BOTH* JavaScript and Referrer logging for nuhi.olmik.net and/or any of the other mirrors.This is an important step many of you forget to take. * Setting these permissions only for nliteos.com won't work - you'll get a page reload or an error message. 3. Clear your browser cache,reload the main (index) page,go to the downloads section and click on a download link. If everything's OK,your download should start immediately. 4. If it's still not working,it must be your firewall or IP blocker doing this. This may happen if your firewall is one of those $%^&* ones which refuses to whitelist/unblock anything.The only solution is to disable your firewall/blocker temporarily just for the download or get a better firewall. I think this post should be stickied or included in the nLite FAQ.
  7. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Hmmm...DirectX removal - nice,but I have a few questions: - Does this remove DirectX completely (DDraw,DSound,DInput,etc.),or just the Direct 3D part? - Does this mean you'll lose all 2D acceleration and everything will be software-accelerated? - What happens with sound when you remove DirectX? Can you still use your soundcard? (through WaveOut,Kernel Streaming,ASIO)? It would be nice if you could remove certain parts of DirectX in the next version,not just the whole "enchilada"
  8. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Still can't download. I tried Firefox,Opera and IE,nothing is blocked and I still get the same error every time. If somebody can just post a list of the contents of the 1.3 beta SFX archive,that would be enough
  9. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Thanks nuhi for the release,but I can't download it from your site anymore It used to work before with the same browser and same settings,but now it just reloads the page when I click on a download link. I found nLite hosted on other download sites,but I can't find the Self-Extracting archive on any of them. Why don't you mirror the SFX archive as well on D/L sites such as BetaNews,for example?
  10. nLite 1.2.1 Final - Finish him!

    I'm experiencing problems with the latest version of nLite (1.2.1) I didn't have before with 1.0.1: After nLiting 15 times with various settings,I couldn't get some stuff working.Then tried with 1.0.1 and everything worked from the first try. Issues: 1. No matter what components I keep/remove,nLite 1.2.1 seems to delete more stuff than it should: I can't even install KERIO Personal Firewall 4.2.2 now,for example - the installer aborts with an error message. With 1.0.1,it works flawlessly. I'm not surprised about gdogg complaining how he can't get his MicrowinX addon working with the newer releases,It seems something's gone wrong since nLite 1.0.1. 2. When having both a 56k modem and an Ethernet card enabled and drivers integrated with nLite 1.0.1,there are 2 Network adapters in the Network Card/MAC settings,but with 1.2.1 only one is displayed. 3. Most of the tweaks don't work.Like for example,the Start Menu pops up on first start and is not set to Classic,even when I set both in the Tweaks. 4. When nLiting with 1.2.1,the ISO size is significantly larger than with 1.0.1,even though there's more stuff to remove with 1.2.1 and I use maximum compression and merge driver.cab & sp.cab with 1.2.1. Note: WinXP SP2 pro,no addons integrated,just drivers.
  11. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Hey gdogg, Don't give up on microwinX yet. nuhi has a little surprise for you in the form of a fixed nLite 1.2.1 Final Just try again with your LastSession.ini and see if it works now. If it doesn't,just revert to the highest version of nLite that works with your addon and link that version for download. I don't need much. MicrowinX 2.5 has almost everything I need,except for one major thing: If you can just add Dialup (56k) support to 2.5,I'll finally be able to take this baby online. (yes,I'm forced to using sh**ty dialup on this PC) About minlogon...you can remove that from the main MicrowinX addon and include a separate addon maker app that will create an nLite addon out of minlogon.exe provided by the user. This way you can keep MicrowinX clean / open-source and the addon maker could come handy for a non-microwinX nLite'd install
  12. nLite 1.2 RC - Return of the warrior II

    Nice release,but will there ever be a way to integrate our own registry keys/entries? And I still don't know how to add 2 DLL files in the system32 directory,so the driver that needs them won't show an error message after the desktop appears for the first time (aside from using a bulky addon pack or doing it manually after installation with another reboot) Putting those 2 files manually before creating the ISO doesn't seem to work,even if I compress the DLLs to .dl_ files.
  13. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Beta 3.0? I want one as well Can't wait for 56k modem and especially gamepad support. (Gamepad support just needs the built-in XP USB joystick driver) The only things that prevent me from fully enjoying MicrowinX. P.S. bbLean is a 'killer' shell replacement (if you're good at customizing it). I wonder if you're going to shave off some additional RAM by replacing that LiteStep shell with bbLean?
  14. nLite 1.0 Final - RC not

    Ryan's Pack updated again? O_o
  15. nLite 1.0 Final - RC not

    We desperately need a new beta