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  1. The Seagate knowledge base is backup.
  2. The file in a smaller size for easier viewing in case anyone is bandwidth limited.
  3. Seagate CEO Ousted Related? Seagate board has ousted Bill Watkins as President and CEO
  4. That was it! Thank you, kind sir! Never mind, forgot to hit the ad.
  5. Hi, Stumbled onto the site and the DriverPacks from a tip from a friend. Looks like some really great work, thank you! One problem so far, I'm unable to pull DriverPack LAN even after clicking on the hosting add. Any idea what I'm missing? TIA, ~cat~ Edit: I pulled one DriverPack at first then ran into a redirect upon attempting the LAN Pack. All further attempts at any of the DriverPacks now results in said redirect/download failure. I've attempted download with both IE & FF.