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  1. Yes, the installation proces works completely. It fails AFTER setup has finished (When the gui mode install completes and restarts to begin windows) It hangs on loading acpitabl.dat, which after doing a lot of googling seems to be caused by loading an incorrect, corrupt or wrong driver set. Actually I do have a question that isnt clear in your guide. Yes I am 100% sure using the 6.66 64bit drivers. I have the sata/pata folders as descrtibed. However there is no nvatax64.inf file int he sataraid folder, and there are two copies of the nvatax64.sys folder. Which do I use, and do I put them all in the same single OEMDIR directory?
  2. Well I tried it again, it bombs out into eternal rebooting on acpitabl.dat So I went and searched for it. Looks like only the 6.34 and 6.66 nvraid drivers will actually work (and the 6.34's give a nagging error during install) So I am downloading the 6.66 even though it's for the NF4, hopefully I can rip the SATA raid drivers and they will function properly. I'll report back in a bit _______ Update: The nForce4 6.66 AMD drivers dont work either. Last hope looks to be the 6.34
  3. this method doesnt work with the NF3 nvraid drivers either (Shuttle SN95G5) and using the 6.56 driver set on xp64. Also doesnt work with the lastest official set, 6.25 Same reboot on startup as was occuring with the other method.
  4. Yes I have tried with both versions. I have also done the manual installs by editing txtsetup.sif and winnt.sif, which didnt work either. I am going to roll back to the official 6.25 drivers. I have been working with the 6.56 betas. First im going to pop into the recovery console and see if I cant figure out what its dying on during bootup
  5. This does not work on my SN95G5 Shuttle NForce 3 board. I've been trying every method on this board. This one gets the furthest, but I just get caught in a reboot loop after it finishes installing.