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  1. Cool. Now I understand. Thanks very much Wraith.
  2. Sorry Wraith. I can't follow which tags it should be placed between. I basically only want to run though this section if the MachineType environment variable == IBM. <items> <item display="Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)"> <execute display="Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)" desc="Installs Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\Broadcom\MgmtApps\IA32\setup</program> <arguments>/s /v/qn</arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> <item display="Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration"> <execute display="Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration" desc="Installs and applies the Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\baspscfg\baspscfg.cmd</program> <arguments></arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> <item display="IBM ServeRAID Manager"> <execute display="IBM ServeRAID Manager" desc="Installs IBM ServeRAID Manager" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\ServeRAID\manager\setup</program> <arguments> /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress"</arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> </items> Cheers, Jeremy.
  3. I do have a registered version, but I can't find a way (or simply just don't understand) how to do this. I actually want to exclude the execution (installation) of certain applications based on an environment variable. I guess I can skip a program installation by first executing a batch or vbscript to check a condition, but this is not a neat and tidy way of doing things. Does anyone have any sample code, or can explain how this can be done in XML? Cheers, Jeremy.
  4. Hi, Can I add conditional expressions within the include-Items.xml file? What I would like to do is only install certain applications if the machine is an IBM, or a HP, etc. Rather than calling multiple instances of XPlode, I want to place all my apps in the one include-Items.xml file. If this can be done, could you please provide a small piece of sample code? Cheers, Jeremy.