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  1. Hey friend can you tell me which theme have you applied or provide me with the link.
  2. YOU KNOW WHAT....YOU ARE A GENIUS...HATS OFF TO YOU....I customised my XP and I shifted my Program Files to D:/ and I was not able to figure out why I am not able to install the MS Money. But YOU resolved my problem. Thanx a lot. I cannot express my happiness...You are a HERO. I spent hrs browsing the internet for the solution....and here in MSFN I got my issue resolved. Thanx my friend
  3. What i found out that if I customise the XP cd with Nlite I am unable to install the MS Money 2007. It says I dont have the Administrative or power user rights. Please Help
  4. thankyou very much
  5. where is the application
  6. i recently erazed my hdd and reinstalled the xp pro again.. i am the only administrator of the system...but i am unable to install the MS MONEY 2007 in the machine because it is asking for the administrative rights.. but as i am the only administrator i am unable to install it and i have reinstalled the os thrice but no success... please help...
  7. can any one paste the unattended file with c:\window d:\program files e:\profiles please
  8. hey Nuhi thanx for the update... not tried it yet but will it support assigning Program Data folder to a different partiton
  9. hey friends plz tell me where to paste the unattended.xml to my windows setup so that i can customise the installation process
  10. thanx for the gr8 app... but can you add an option to install vista in 1 drive and the program file folder on another partition.... thanx again
  11. is there any option while installing vista the the windows folder goes to the c drive and the program files folder goes to d drive automatically
  12. i have just downloaded this app.... and just waitin to get my 1st multi boot cd/dvd thanx signet for this lovely app
  13. it is just a year old..... there are no bad sectors on the Hdd of mine as far as i know coz after i quick format my hdd the bad sectors as well as the errors disappears but after few days of installing xp.... the same 20 kb bad sector shows up again....when i scan the hdd.... i think it automatically generates.... and even some files on few sectors are unreadable
  14. i am havin a unique problem with my HDD.... when i try to scan it for errors it displays "file in sector **** is unreadable" and after that some bad sectors are marked. thru partition magic it displays CRC error but if i format the HDD no badsectors or errors are detected then. the last month i formatted my hdd more then 3 time in a day and even exchanged my copy of xp coz i thought it might be the culprit..... but today it again detected the 20 kb badsector.... first i thought it might be virus but none detected... plz help as soon as possible