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  1. i have ms office photosho nero nero vision and others applications doing to me this error message an i put the correct swithces for this applications.
  2. I have this problem i install windows xp sp2 and when it is trying to install some applications from runonce i get this message "it is not a win32 valid application....." something like that and only 4 or 5 applications all the others not. Can someone help me.
  3. men that whas cool i am gonna try this one. Thanks
  4. ok i find it thanks guys
  5. yes i did the modifype ? and i look for this app you told me thanks anyway.
  6. i have this problem i change my winntbbu.dll file i change the background and after that i make it cab and then copy to i386 folder on my windows. The problem i have is when i boot from my windows cd i formated the disk and when is copying the files to c: in 45% is stopped and it is write "the winntbbu.dll it cannot writen because it is another version" why make this problem?