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  1. YEAH ME TOO UPDATES f***ING HOTFIXES UPDATES!! :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: f***s*** UPDATES
  2. Updated January, 08 2008? Theres lots of new hotfixes for now, can someone update the list? I would, but I really dont know much about windows hotfixes.
  3. I just slipstreamed SP2 and all the hotfixes on the list and tested it on VMWare. And Windows update shows now these updates as hotfixes: KB927891 KB931836 [Nlite cant integrate, so use /q on SVCPACK] KB923689 [Actually not needed if you slipstream WMP11] So I think you should add these also to your list
  4. Hey, shouldn’t all SVCPACK installer use 8.3 naming?
  5. nLite 1.0.1 Final

    No, its not fixed, so still pop ups SFC-window.
  6. I haven’t noticed any problems when I have integrated all the hotfixes and after it removed WMP9, MSN and Outlook Express.
  7. Where can I see registry key information for "KB890830"? There was full list for all version of "KB890830" hotfix reg keys.
  8. What registry key works with this months "KB890830" hotfix?
  9. Registry Tweaks Pt 3

    Still haven't found any working Visual Effects disabling regtweak...
  10. Registering File Extensions Unattended

    How can I make Foobar 0.9 Beta 6 to default player on all supported audio files on RunOnceEx section?
  11. What Codec (packs) are the best?

    FFDSHOW is only codec(pack) what you will ever need... http://www.free-codecs.com/download/FFDShow.htm
  12. Windows File Protection

    Windows File Protection is only for noobs.
  13. Windows File Protection

    Before, why couldn’t you just disable the WFP? Are there any disadvantages if you remove and disable WFP completely?
  14. [How To]: Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5.365

    Is there anyway to install AutoIT related installers on CD?