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  1. Thanks @ oioldman But i already check dis site but i can't understand ???? can you tell me how can i execute a batch file 4rom a .exe file ???? dis will help me alot
  2. Hi @ GuYsss I em working on ma own WinXP Unattended + Office 2003. i was add office2003.exe (Silent Intaller of Office 2003) in $OEM$/$1/Install/office2003.exe but de problem iz dat after installation its just copy it into C:/Install/office2003.exe n no installation automatic. I make ma self usefull n make som3 search about dat matter all i got dat i have to make a Batch file n som3 Commands to make it work ???? em i right now can any on3 Guide me how can i make a batch file n what commands i have to put in it ???? Thanks in Advance;) Sorry 4or BaD EnGlisH Over n Out
  3. Here iz som3 of ma Favourite Wallpapers i just uploaded them.... Hey GuYsss i lose ma Icons Transperency coz of Virtual Pc may be..... Thanks 4or Reply
  4. WinXP Pro iz kinda nice OS in ma opinion
  5. WOW!!!! (O_O) Thanks 4or Info @ grafx1
  6. that's what mine says <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same here dudes
  7. Hi GuYsss .... i was able to change Custom Theme Of Xp But de problem iz dat i lose My Icons Transperency n my XP look kile dat in dis pic plzzz can Any On3 Help to solve dis Issue.... I want My Icons Transperency .....
  8. It's hard to find legal copies in Pakistan . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hahhahahhahah ya Aegis its hard to get a legal copy of Windows in Pakistan by de way Thanks GuYsss 4or Reponse i got dis files on GooGle Search Engine Thanks Again Peace Out
  9. Thanks 4or reply GuYsss: But de problem iz dis updates available 4or only Geniune XP's User n i unable to download dem ya know yyyyyy dats y i ask ya GuYsss 4or dis files Peace Out
  10. hi GuYsss: Dis iz ma First Post In Dis Forum n i need help of ya GuYsss i need dis files to complete ma ultimate copy of XP Pro hope ya GuYsss can help me. Needed Files: WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB887742-x86-ENU.exe Thanks In Advance