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  1. By the way, Microsoft's plan for the next 20-25 years is do similar to what Apple did with OS X. They are now going to introduce Windows 10 on ARM (with Win32 emulation). Next, at some point, kill off Windows on x86 and say "Hey you can run Win32 apps too on ARM plus Modern apps so you don't need Windows on x86." So Win32 emulation on ARM will be like what Apple had with Rosetta on OS X. After a while, that will be killed off too as their planned obsolescence is complete.
  2. That's acceptable. You did a great job with WPI. I too refuse to use or accept a disgusting insulting abomination like Windows 10. It's best that such an obnoxious OS is not supported.
  3. This is standard functionality since Windows Vista and Windows 7: Win keys + number keys. You can also use 7+ Taskbar Numberer to show the numbers when the Win key is held down so you don't have to count from the left: http://rammichael.com/7-taskbar-numberer
  4. They increased it hoping that touchscreen users would make use of it. In Bob 10's atrocious XAML jumplist, the spacing is even greater.
  5. As far as treatment of WINDOWS CUSTOMERS is concerned, Microsoft's ethics started to vanish after Windows XP shipped. They already had many broken features and coded badly designed ones in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 but at least third party apps could fix them so the system continued to work optimally as the customer wanted. Windows 10 is broken and hostile beyond the extent of third party apps fixing it to make it a decent experience. It's over. You can just forget Windows existed and change your career or something.
  6. Windows 10 updates are like a car with permanently pushed accelerator but there are no brakes, only a handbrake (Metered connection). HELL! :crazy:

  7. Let me give you one example of why PowerShell is s***: In cmd: dir <press ENTER on keyboard> In PowerShell it is: Get-ChildItem | Select-Object -ExpandProperty FullName WTF PowerShell, die already. It's like they replaced an end-user facing command line tool with a programming language. Sure it's powerful but is that what command line users want? Again, Microsoft has no focus, no idea of what they are doing. id***. Edit: Okay, it looks like the dir command is aliased in PowerShell but hopefully you got what I meant. Cmd.exe and PowerShell don't need to be mutually exclusive as in one doesn't replace the other. They complement each other. But Microsoft is now forcing the harder to use PowerShell and unleashing more arcane cmdlets on us, not building equivalent and easier to use console tools/commands. An end user wanting to do something easily? He can't without learning PowerShell and its extremely elaborate C#-like syntax and having to import a dozen modules and cmdlets and what not if they don't already exist. It's anything but easy for CLI n00bs like me.
  8. Sure they can be stopped and started on-demand. But you can't select them, nor see how much data you are downloading - a complete deal-breaker for me. The Windows team can go and die in hell.
  9. Hey is there any alternative *native desktop app* to Skype for video calling? I hate Skype.
  10. Why couldn't they add another row? Why did it have to replace Function keys and Esc? Imagine F2 (Rename), F3 (Find next), Alt+F4, F5, F8, F11 and other keys getting impacted when running Windows for no reason! They're promising that Function keys will be shown as touch keys when running Windows on it. Can the MacDeath Pro show F8 key before the OS has booted? And why should I give up tactile feedback? Apple morons are ruining the industry causing Microsoft morons, Google morons and Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Acer, Dell, Samsung to ape them.
  11. Need to make a pumpkin like we made for its 10th anniversary:
  12. Change sign-in screen background image in Windows 10: http://winaero.com/blog/change-sign-in-screen-background-image-in-windows-10/ Disable logon screen background image in Windows 10 without using third party tools: http://winaero.com/blog/disable-logon-screen-background-image-in-windows-10-without-using-third-party-tools/
  13. Personally I prefer 8.1 because it does better job of cleaning WinSxS due to above mentioned /resetbase switch, 8.1 still gets security updates, shows Metro apps on Taskbar, has Internet Explorer 11, PowerShell 5.0, ability to set a Metered connection. It also has DirectX 11.2, Miracasting to supported receiver devices, Lockscreen Slideshow, Network path search via Win+F, native fingerprint registration. If you use Windows To Go, Store apps can be used in 8.1 WTG USB stick. Windows 8.0 has the File-based Backup that creates ZIP files (8.1 removed that) but otherwise everything else is there that I need. I turn off OneDrive via Group Policy in 8.1 since I cannot tolerate it. For Windows Experience Index, I use Winaero's WEI Tool.
  14. They are listening but it's a hopeless situation. They make 100 mistakes and listen to users to correct 1 out of those 100, but force the other 99 mistakes on you. It's a product that has gone massively downhill in quality compared to Windows 7 or XP.
  15. Btw if you remove the app packages from the WIM using DISM and then install using that modified Bob 10 image, they won't get re-installed.