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  1. I am so sick of Windows TEN (Terrorist EditioN)

    1. Tommy


      Definitely not my cup of tea either. I cannot stand the direction Microsoft is going in and how they have to be copycats of other software. =/

    2. Dibya


      HAHA! Loved the name . I am on XP . I will stay on it by enhancing as much as possible  . FEw day ago tried win 10 , it was eating almost 6gibgs of ram for no reason at first boot . i donot know what more crap Microsoft wants to do  . My XP consume 175MB ram on first boot also MSE is my av .

  2. Windows 10 Bob Edition forces driver installs and overrides existing drivers unless a Group Policy introduced in Anniversary Update is set to disable drivers via WU.
  3. I wish Tihiy would release the "Close Metro apps with X" on Windows 8.1 (a feature of StartIsBack+) as a little standalone app.
  4. Well for starters, typical updates are 1 GB. They should be 10 MB. End of story. This OS is dead for me. Happy that I don't have to use this POS if I don't want to.
  5. Classic Shell is fantastic but it doesn't fix the rest of the completely messed up OS that Windows 10 is. I hope the id*** who built Windows 10 get fired and never find another job.
  6. Level 0. W T F is this shiat and why should I infect my PC with such a malicious software? I would rather quit computers than use such an insulting, disgusting system. Can I fire all the dimwitted "engineers" and program managers who screwed up Windows so badly? There will be hell to pay for screwing customers so badly and so continuously for so long. This POS is full of meaningless, stupid, insulting, rude, screwy, arbitrary, telemetry-driven changes all decided by the mothership which you are just supposed to only consume and not complain? All the time, money and resources you poured for years into setting up a personalized, powerful computer system that works FOR you is now wasted? No way in hell. I am a user interface purist and I cannot stand any level of regression in the GUI. Unfortunately, this POS called Windows 10 has completely destroyed all the good parts of the UI that used to work FOR me in this once-powerful operating system. And a lot of the bird brained people do not seem to find any fatal flaws in this wretched OS.
  7. Well I can think of only one thing that Windows 10 does better for me: it can stream to DLNA-compatible receivers a lot more efficiently using WMP than earlier releases. That's one feature. Vs literally a million regressions and unwanted behaviors. Any chance I might use it? Are you kidding me? No way in hell for the next many years!! I hope to find a decent DLNA server/controller that works with TVs as well as Windows 10's DLNA controller. DivX with its Media Server works with some clients/renderers but not all. Any other suggestions? Note that it has to support DLNA's controller and server roles and has to be compatible with DLNA client and renderer roles in devices like Samsung, Sony TVs. Update: There is a CRAPPY Videos app in Windows 8.1 which lets you stream to DLNA TVs too using the Devices charm (Win+K) -> Play option. So now, Bob 10 has nothing for me. Absolutely nothing of value.
  8. Personally I think that if you rule out third party software which deeply integrates with the operating system and makes it behave a whole lot better as the user intended, Windows XP was the ultimate peak of software engineering just by itself without needing any big third party fixes. It was Windows 2000+a huge number of features that few people are aware of. Of course, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 were huge improvements in many, many areas but that's when they started compromising on quality of existing stuff to push new stuff. Regressions began to crop up which made some things a deal-breaker. If the regressions completely start ruining the experience, it isn't worth it. However, with third party apps fixing the superficial, less severe problems in Windows after XP, the experience of these OSes becomes very much superior to Windows XP. For a LONG time I refused to let go of XP and believed it was the best OS. But once I could get the Windows XP experience on Windows 7 with third party apps, I could see how Windows 7 was objectively better than XP if you consider everything you get as in the whole package. Windows 8/8.1 was another huge letdown but again not impossible to fix with third party software. Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell and a few other essential apps like OldNewExplorer, is currently IMHO the best OS (it works for me at least, the way I want it). Bob 10 is a joke, definitely the worst and whoever came up with the idea of an operating system as a cloud service should be banned from working in the industry and all his qualifications and degrees taken away/canceled. Nothing can fix it since Microsoft gutted the user experience at its core. The kernel may still be solid but what good is that if the UX is so unstable? It will change when you go to sleep one day and wake up the next. And the usability/GUI is so awful! It's still a phone UI put into a desktop OS. But then most of the gullible users are id***. What do they know about good UI anyway?
  9. You never know how many sheep, lemmings and people with blindfaith in Microsoft will follow them and accept whatever changes Windows introduces. Some are just conformist and they never question anything or do any critical thinking. They will accept what's laid out in front of them. Since the majority of people are like that, there's no hope really. We've lost the Windows we once had and unless Satan Nadella is fired, Windows is going to continue its planned obsolescence. What's in it for you? Nothing but there's money to be made again for Microsoft by selling far inferior software.
  10. By the way, Microsoft's plan for the next 20-25 years is do similar to what Apple did with OS X. They are now going to introduce Windows 10 on ARM (with Win32 emulation). Next, at some point, kill off Windows on x86 and say "Hey you can run Win32 apps too on ARM plus Modern apps so you don't need Windows on x86." So Win32 emulation on ARM will be like what Apple had with Rosetta on OS X. After a while, that will be killed off too as their planned obsolescence is complete.
  11. That's acceptable. You did a great job with WPI. I too refuse to use or accept a disgusting insulting abomination like Windows 10. It's best that such an obnoxious OS is not supported.
  12. This is standard functionality since Windows Vista and Windows 7: Win keys + number keys. You can also use 7+ Taskbar Numberer to show the numbers when the Win key is held down so you don't have to count from the left: http://rammichael.com/7-taskbar-numberer
  13. They increased it hoping that touchscreen users would make use of it. In Bob 10's atrocious XAML jumplist, the spacing is even greater.
  14. As far as treatment of WINDOWS CUSTOMERS is concerned, Microsoft's ethics started to vanish after Windows XP shipped. They already had many broken features and coded badly designed ones in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 but at least third party apps could fix them so the system continued to work optimally as the customer wanted. Windows 10 is broken and hostile beyond the extent of third party apps fixing it to make it a decent experience. It's over. You can just forget Windows existed and change your career or something.
  15. Let me give you one example of why PowerShell is s***: In cmd: dir <press ENTER on keyboard> In PowerShell it is: Get-ChildItem | Select-Object -ExpandProperty FullName WTF PowerShell, die already. It's like they replaced an end-user facing command line tool with a programming language. Sure it's powerful but is that what command line users want? Again, Microsoft has no focus, no idea of what they are doing. id***. Edit: Okay, it looks like the dir command is aliased in PowerShell but hopefully you got what I meant. Cmd.exe and PowerShell don't need to be mutually exclusive as in one doesn't replace the other. They complement each other. But Microsoft is now forcing the harder to use PowerShell and unleashing more arcane cmdlets on us, not building equivalent and easier to use console tools/commands. An end user wanting to do something easily? He can't without learning PowerShell and its extremely elaborate C#-like syntax and having to import a dozen modules and cmdlets and what not if they don't already exist. It's anything but easy for CLI n00bs like me.