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  1. Localisation for xpize 5 Release 5

    Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation. es.zip
  2. Hi, i am a new user of WPI. I am testing v7.3.0, changed language to spanish and always received thyis error when open WPI.hta. This error dont occurs with other languages :S Regards
  3. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Hi Shark, i have problems when open a PDF from Firefox (it appears an error after a minute) but it only happens when I'm using your spanish ar8 lite version (date at 5-02-07), i don't have problems with english and emetre edition AR8 lite. Regards
  4. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Shark, can you add a spanish version for adobe reader lite 8? please Regards
  5. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    Thanks! I'll launch this commandline from a .bat
  6. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    Have you checked all parameters? Does the normal installation work? I will do my own unattended setup in a few days. however I have not heard anyone complain about Unattended Setup not working. P.S. Nero 7 Lite is now also localized into Chinese Simplified My unattended parameters are these: "%CDROM%\Software\nero7\nero.exe /VERYSILENT /LANG="Spanish" /TASKS="desktopicon,imagefile_assoc" /COMPONENTS="nero_toolkit\nero_cdspeed,nero_toolkit\nero_drivespeed,nero_toolkit\nero_infotool,nero_core,nero_core\nero_express,nero_core\nero_api,nero_core\nero_audioplugins,nero_core\nero_audioplugins\mausau,nero_core\nero_videocd,nero_core\nero_sounds,nero_coverdes,nero_waveedit " /USER=*** /COMPANY=*** /SERIAL=****-****-****-****-****-****-****"
  7. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    I have problems to integrate this app in my Windows XP unattended CD. The nero lite v. spanish version can't run unattended in RunOnceEx but Nero lite v7.2.7 spanish version works fine.
  8. Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

    I cant download the file :S