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  1. Well, for getting the theme on the Unattended DVD use this page: HereWhat you also need is a patched uxtheme.dll If I remember correctly you should be able to do that with nLite or was it RVMUpdatePack! I used both nLite and RVM, and then followed the guide I just linked to! -- neksus
  2. I am sorry to tell you this, but that is not a msstyle skin! It is a WindowBlinds skin and can't be used in an unattended XP installation!
  3. Royale for Windows XP Microsoft in New Zealand has released Royale for standard Windows XP Home/Pro editions! Look Here Scroll down to: New Theme Pack for Windows XP: 'Royale' Follow the instructions and you end up at a download page with some backgrounds and a file that includes and install for the Royale msstyle for Windows XP! -- neksus
  4. Hello, I have just signed up here! My real name is Kian, and I am on the net mostly known for making my Azrael foobar2000 columns UI strings! But I have also made WindowBlinds ports (of Msstyle skins) and DesktopX Widgets (mostly translations)! See you out there! Best regards, neksus