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  1. Wow thats a very minimalistic desktop
  2. Here is a new one:
  3. Here is mine
  4. Yes deviantart is the place to go. you can also try and
  5. Here is a new one:
  6. If this is a windows desktop, would you mind telling me what you are using to display the Console on your desktop ? I know of VirtualConsole for Avedesk but you don't seem to be running it. Yes it is a windows desktop The console i'm using is called console You can find it here
  7. Here is my xp desktop: @Skywalker where can i find this app? Edit: Already found it
  8. Here is mine Vista RC1
  9. Thx the vs is called lamina xt from deviant art
  10. Here is mine
  11. New wall, and a small update to my start menu.
  12. My xp desktop:
  13. Update VS: Aero (mine, currently working on it) Wallpaper: Palm leave (Microsoft) Sidebar: 5342 (Microsoft) OS: Microsoft Windows Xp SP2 Styler: Vista (Jemaho, customized up button)
  14. Here you go mate
  15. Edit: allready found it