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  1. Awesome Tool! I'm having a slight problem with some intel graphics drivers but I don't believe it to be in relation to your utility so I will forgo posting any details till tomorrow. If I stll have problems after trying some Intel version rather than Dell version drivers I will update you. Thanks again saves an amazing amount of space.
  2. Hey guys, great forum you have here. I work for a small State university in the United States. My endevour into HII (hardware Independant Imaging) has led me here. I have already succesfully created a Sysprep Image that works on 100% of our supported systems. However Like many of you here I am not satisfied with working, I am always looking for a better way and I think this forum is the place to make it happen. I guess I could proclaim myself a sysprep expert, and would be happy to offer my advice and coding to help others. I believe we are all after the same goal. A single installation that will support anything and everything flawlessly. This has beeen my goal since I started this project 4 months ago and with my discovery of this forum I must toss out the hacked way of doing things and bring in the right way. :-)