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  1. thank you so much , i found the right way it will be like this getOSver()=="Win7" || getOSver()=="VISTA" || getOSver()=="WIN8" || getOSver()=="WIN8.1"thank you
  2. waw, thats worked thank you very much to add more than one system it will be like that ( getOSver()=="Win7,Win8,Win8.1" ) ? thank you
  3. thank you so much so no way to make such this idea ?
  4. thank you for your help but this option will make the program only shown at "WinXP" and totally hidden at any other windows , but what I need that the program to be shown at "WinXP" and chosen by default but when I use any other windows rather than Xp the same program will be shown but not chosen by default , that's my idea .
  5. Hello , what i want to do that , i have one program , i want this program to be choseen by defult at windos Xp as example but when i use windows 7 it will not be chossen by defult . Is that possible ? and how can i do that hope my point be cleasred thank you
  6. hello ,,any answer please ?
  7. thank u so much for help it worked here anothe qu. how can i make the silent installation use another language , i know that the switch is ( /instlang ) but where i can add the laguage i want to ?
  8. internet download manager = IDM u can download it from here its 15 days trial i think
  9. sorry for make the thread up again but i want to say that i start to re-translate the wpi in arabic language bc the arabic language that come with wpi not working good all things seems to be good with my translate , its all matter of time to finish
  10. hello, i have an idea , i see that the manual dosent have Arabic support , there are more than 3 billion of ppl that talk in arabic why don't u add Arabic language to ur manual i think i can try to help if u care
  11. at first thank u for ur help second actually i didnt read it , i will try to read it next time thanks again , i will try that
  12. how can i get WPI install some programs at windows xp and not to install it if im using windows7 or windows 8 for example if i try to install direct x and i need wpi to install it with windows xp only and if im using windows 7 its automatically disable the installation
  13. mr nuhi thats a good idea and will help thank u so much
  14. Outlook 2007 dont need windows mail to work , it work good without it
  15. no duddy i just removed windows mail with vilte and that made vista didnt recognize any .mht files so when i made another vista cd with vlite and didnt remove windows mail in this last one so vista recognize .mht files this times . the problem not with Outlook 2007 the problem is that : mht files needs windows mail to work properly so don't remove it