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  1. HELLO I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit .. i uninstall SQL & after I finish that and restarting my computer this error message appear to me each time I restart system also when i open Firefox THANKS
  3. No , No disk , and old owner told me there is no disk include the pack .. just recovery partition
  4. Hello every body : I bought computer secondhand brand name : Toshiba, model : TECRA A11-11Z from few days The old owner take it to maintenance to solve some windows problem & they delete the recovery partition, Now how i can restore my original copy "Windows 7 pro OA". Thanks
  5. thanx for your concern i have problem with - intel® 915 GM/GMS/910 GML - Realtek RTL8139 810x Family - - intel® PRO WIRLESS 2200 BG THANX
  6. Salam i already install windows 7 in my machine "HP Pavilion dv4280AE" , it was wonderful OS but i face problem with hardware drivers, what i can do give only one file and i don't understand it yet .. any body can do something to me .. please
  7. no body can help me !!!!!!!!!!!! what's up?
  8. Hello I have problem in some pages with date for example in need to check weather today 21-01-2009 the site give me old info about 17-12-2008 and this site for news it give me old news about 16-12-2008 same old date in weather ... i delete all history and all files related with history cookies can any one help me
  9. Thanks for your interested .. i'm try this morining i can't using alt+tab to switch programs .. what that's mean? but i'm shutdown and run my computer again every thing ok.
  10. Hi .. I have nootbook FUJITSU SIEMENS Amilo Pro V3505 , windows xp en sp3 , my input languages are English - Arabic , my problem i can't change between input lang. when i press left ALT+SHIFT it do nothing or right also after i shutdwon pc 2 or 3 times it back ok without any problem .. this problem happen sometimes and some times no .. i'm ready for answer any questions. i will go crazy if i didn't know how i can solve this problem.
  11. thanx my brother
  12. thank you net_user Amhawal
  13. Hi I mean that we can't name any folder or file con in all edition of windows try it now in your pc make new folder and put ""con"" in name par you can see that is can't.
  14. Hi to every one : I have quetion maybe old qustion , but I want more explane about it In windows we can't named folders and files con why ? & if there are another words please tell me ? AMHAWAL