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  1. I know I have Bootskin, but I want to have it already in an install disc so it's always the same every time I install XP on somebody's computer. I think I'm going to have to go step by step through the guide again. I just get confused on it in a couple places.
  2. Hmm I think I did this right, I cabbed it up after downloading a custom boot screen, but on virtualpc it still does not load the custom boot screen. Seems pretty weird to me too because the only ntoskrnl.exe file on the virtual computer should be my edited one. ???
  3. I am confused. I was using this To try to integrate a custom boot screen into my XPCD. I think I'm getting confused on the single and multi kernel things though. My question is, if I use a program out there that makes a NewBootscrn.exe file (which I am thinking is the ntoskrnl.exe file with my custom boot screen in it), and then I rename it ntoskrnl.exe and compress it and slap it back into my windows source it should just work right? I shouldn't have to edit the registry should I? I did that, but for some reason I keep getting the regular xp bootscreen.