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  1. Thanks FAT64 for your help. Moving the vast OU's that we have is not an option I am afraid.
  2. That article was very informative. I have created a custom MMC and added the "Shares" snap-in to the correct servers. The article does not include how to grant permissions to any other users so that they can actually use the tool. They can view the Console root and the snap-ins titles, but when the select the snap-in they get the normal 'Error 5: access is denied'.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Users have access to computer management already, the problem is that they do not actually have permissions to view the shared directories on servers. Can you grant permissions to a custom MMC to access a resource and then the users to the custom MMC?
  4. Hi, does anyone know how to grant access to the 'shared folders/shares' section of Computer Management on a server? I wish to allow my backup team access to this so that they can find out what drive a particular share is on. I do not wish for them to have admin rights on the server.