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  1. The web domain expires in august. I've not had any donations or interest in a very long time. I would suggest if anyone wants to archive any of the files that they do so before then. I have no intention of spending any money out of pocket to renew.
  2. The only request I have is that you post a modded version of 8.7.3 also please.
  3. The information is all in this thread. Granted, yes the info is for v8.7.2 not 8.7.3 but if you follow and read whats there and use your eyes to look for a line if the line number isn't right you'll get it. Your hand can only be held so much and remember WPI does not officially and will not officially support win 10.
  4. Not sure my vizio accepts the videos i send to it. Might be a extension i've picked up from k-lite or chrome extensions.
  5. Chrome
  6. I do that on android, ios and Windows 7 all the time it's not new to edge....
  7. I would think about it, but the problem is there are licenses to think of here. WPI has several companies that have corporate licenses (New York Central School District, Key bank of Europe and Michigan, a university in CA) If WPI were to live on these licenses would HAVE to be honored for the rest of it's life. No matter who was continuing it. Maybe stop official distribution and leave the section here open for support and just kind of well, wallow?
  8. I just got a email saying my Skype account was just blocked and shut down for suspicious activity. The real funny thing here though is that account has been inactive for years...(Since just before MS bought it actually)
  9. Due to the advent of recent MS practices in the past couple of years (I refuse to install windows 10) and the lack of donations\interest in WPI I am announcing that WPI, likely will reach end of support in the next six months. As some of you know I rely solely on disability to live and I can no longer afford to keep up with domain costs, pc repairs and related costs. Sad to announce but it has been a hell of a 13 year run for WPI. In it's current form it works well and will continue to work well with legacy os's (Windows 8 and further back) I really don't have the will or energy to keep trying to breath life into WPI when the support is just not there. Thank you to all of those who donated in time, sweat, knowledge and support. - Kelsenellenelvian EverDawn
  10. Thank you, if these are verified by a couple of other win 10 users i'll add them in.
  11. Is the source iso your starting from genuine and untouched?
  12. Just use your original, legal disk and stop stealing comes to mind.
  13. I'm not calling you a troll. A general all around a**, yes but troll is too nice a title for you. Also you're kind of proving my point. You say I called you a troll. I called you everything but a troll..... Hell I'm not even taking about the arguments, I'm taking about the foul and abusive language and general hatred you commonly spout.
  14. And you are amazingly rude, angry and offensive. Some of the things you've said recently have gotten other people banned. Your generally insulting, constantly foul, and flame people who don't agree with you. Your truly worse than the win ten fanboiz and super trolls we see all the time.
  15. If your giving them disks with software on them then you are redistributing WPI without a license.