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  1. Is the source iso your starting from genuine and untouched?
  2. Just use your original, legal disk and stop stealing comes to mind.
  3. I'm not calling you a troll. A general all around a**, yes but troll is too nice a title for you. Also you're kind of proving my point. You say I called you a troll. I called you everything but a troll..... Hell I'm not even taking about the arguments, I'm taking about the foul and abusive language and general hatred you commonly spout.
  4. And you are amazingly rude, angry and offensive. Some of the things you've said recently have gotten other people banned. Your generally insulting, constantly foul, and flame people who don't agree with you. Your truly worse than the win ten fanboiz and super trolls we see all the time.
  5. If your giving them disks with software on them then you are redistributing WPI without a license.
  6. The only reason you would need that is if your distributing a wpi build or using it in a business setting and that's against wpi license.
  7. Why have we yet to see a lawsuit of smartphone memory size? Here's my main argument phone are all sold and displayed primarily based on memory size. (16gb iPhone, 32gb Galaxy) BUT the memory is a quarter to half taken by the OS and the phone carriers software. So a 16gb phone only in actuality has 10gb user space. A phone with 8gb (Lower end models) has 2 free gigs. This use to not be as much an issue but now almost every game and most apps HAVE to have their main files in the phones memory not a extra sd card because of piracy concerns. This is a false advertisement on the same scale as Win 10 issues.
  8. Sorry redid the math. 0.5 percent
  9. So three percent of the population of the world have been roofied and raped by MS with ten. When are the big class action law suits going to begin?
  10. SO, with one-drive what happens to people that have full drive space from their account? If they don't get the crap moved off in time does MS just delete their sh*t? Can't wait for the fallout from this one....
  11. NO, NO, NO... GET THE IDEA! You are not getting any help here. PERIOD. You are using WPI in a business purpose and are demanding and pushy.
  12. Yeah just toggle the little switch on your power strip. Fast shutdown achieved. Trust me it is very fast.
  13. WOW I actually couldn't have said it any better.... SO ACCURATE!
  14. No your help here is done.
  15. Even if the rudeness was due to the translator that does not change the fact that I think you are using WPI for business.