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  1. How to make Oemlogo.bmp transparent ?

    I v download it ... it work fine ... thaank's alot !
  2. How to make Oemlogo.bmp transparent ?

    hi Wesmosis : yes the office2003 SP1 french is ready ; shrinked and automated install is ok ! the hole cd almost ready ... i have just to thing to solve : the transparent color in oemlogo : yes the ScubaSteve method work fine but the result is'nt so beautiful : there is some purpule border in the logo .... I know ther is an other solution for 32b BMP file ... i m wating for some help ! cyanide : your solution is so limeted that if the user change his théme setting the result will be not so fine !!
  3. How to make Oemlogo.bmp transparent ?

    stasys44 I v al ready dun a searsh before making topic but all what i v found is how to place the oem logo and not to make it transparent ! ScubaSteve Thank's alot for your help ... it work just fine ! Wesmosis Hi man min XP CD is know in final steps ... thank's for having recomanding msfn to me !
  4. Hi I'm trying to make an unattended copy of windows XP SP2 ... and i want to make it with OEM info and logo ... my problem is : when i browsed : unattended.msfn.org : iv read :"Create a new image with a pixel size of 180x114 (width x height), customize your logo to how you would want it to look, then save it as oemlogo.bmp. Its a good idea to keep it transparent so it blends into the color of the System Properties window!" http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/oeminfo.htm My question is : i know that png and gif only support transparent bakground ... so how to make a bitmap ( bmp ) with transparent pakground to make my oemlogo blend into the color of system properties ?