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  1. Guys, I need help. I'd like to fine tune the English Enterprise Setup CD to include the Hungarian Proofing Tools. For that I have the complete folder from the Hungarian Setup CD. What I have done so far is: 1. Copied the English Enterprise CD to HDD 2. Copied the content (, Proof.msi, Proof.xml) from\ folder to Proofing.en-us\ 3. Edited the Proofing.en-us\setup.xml file to include all the references of the HU language files (copied them from\setup.xml) Now the problem is that this has obviously changed MD5 of Proofing.en-us\setup.xml and Setup stops running right at the very first moment, saying the file is corrupt. I tried to find where it stores the MD5 of this file to change it, but I'm out of luck here. Can anyone please help me?
  2. Can you tell me if the KB913433 could be integrated into a Setup CD with the /Q:A /R:N switches? I checked its switches and /Q is there, but no /R. As I understand this is a Type2 hotfix, is that right? Thanks.