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  1. Thank you very much for your help. Can you say me what I can remove safetly from a Windows 8.1 DVD without probs? bye
  2. Hello everyone, please, if is possible to fix the logon wallpaper erros who display MG2680 (yes/NO) and after the program crash and if is possible to add / fix these tweaks: 1) NO windows animation tweak (minimize and maximize effect); 2) turn off monitor (NEVER) 3) turn HD off (NEVER) 4) High power settings not working 5) Possibility to choose the Desktop Icons you want is already present but not working if you don't enable show destop icons. If you set this settings also others icons appear (like users and Control panel). I want only Explorer, network and traschan; 6) possibility to turn off the defrag schedule settings 7) possibility to trim the SSD drives 8) possibility to remove existing drivers from the database Thanks in advance
  3. Excuse me for my bad english but I'm Italiann and I Want to buy the commercial version. I have a small computer shop in Italy and I want personalize all my version of Windows for the custome Installation. Please contact me as soon as possible to purchase this great prog. Thanks Enrico Bonazza Gea Informatica www.geanet.it enrico.bonazza@aliceposta.it