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  1. I've got a machine running an AMD64 and figured it would be worth trying XP64 since in theory its supposed to provide a performance boost for Photoshop CS2... Which CS2 desperately needs....... Unfortunately, my largest drives, those with the images on them, are plugged into a Silicon Image 0680 Raid controller... Which shows up in XP 64 as inoperative so I can't see the disks I need to see. Went to the website to get drivers and found a note that said they aren't supporting the 64 bit operating system...... Likewise, the system has an Adaptec 7850 controller... Also not working. Found 64-bit drivers at Adaptec but nothing for the 7850........ SO, half the stuff I need to make htis worthwhile don't appear to work with XP64. Coes anyone know of drivers for these? Or do I just stay with Win 2000 and wait for Vista?