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  1. Does anyone have the last Retail SP2 XP Pro? (VRMPFPP_EN) What's its PID and ExtraData? I think each version of XP has a different PID. If you slipstream your copy, the PID does not change. But new retail versions, with "DOTNETFX" folder in root directory, have other PID's, right??
  2. Windows XP Pro with SP2. Requires activation. CD Size (ISO): 607250432 bytes ============= Hmm... MSDN Academic Alliance ?? en_winxp_pro_with_sp2.iso
  3. [Pid] ExtraData=786F687170637175716954806365EF Pid=76487000 What license type? Windows XP CD.
  4. 12:00:00 is really official. Diagnostic of Windows Server 2003 Evaluation (trial): The following information was collected by CD/DVD Diagnostic Copyright 1997-2005, InfinaDyne ISO-9660 data track Volume ID: ARMEEVL_EN System ID: Volume size: 290292 System Use: Volume set size: 1 Volume in set: 1 Block size (bytes): 2048 Path table size (bytes): 628 Path table (L): 20 Optional path table (L): 0 Path table (M): 21 Optional path table (M): 0 Root directory sector: 22 Volume Set: ARMEEVL_EN Publisher: MICROSOFT CORPORATION Data preparer: MICROSOFT CORPORATION, ONE MICROSOFT WAY, REDMOND WA 98052, (425) 882-8080 Application: CDIMAGE 2.52 (03/09/2004 TM) Copyright file: Abstract file: Bibliography file: Volume created: 3/25/2005 12:00:00 Volume modified: *** Date not set *** Volume expires: *** Date not set *** Volume effective: *** Date not set *** ---------------------------- Big-endian format fields ----------------- Volume size: 290292 Volume set size: 1 Volume in set: 1 Block size (bytes): 2048 Path table size (bytes): 628 Root directory sector: 22
  5. I have a question about Modification Time... XP SP2 labels are "08/04/04 8:00 AM (08:00:00)" But... "true" values? Example (Official Brazillian SP2-only CD): Local time stamp: 12:00:00 Relative time stamp: 09:00:00 (-03:00 GMT) I've already seen in another thread "08/04/2004 02:00 AM", so I think that is relative stamp. Thanks.