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  1. Have you tried with other printer drivers? There have been many threads whose conclusion is that Adobe Acrobat pdf printer driver depends on system restore. Are you saying that you remove system restore AFTER installing PDFCreator? I never tried with real printers, but for virtual printer, they work totally fine without restore serveice, even Adobe Acrobat Printer. Here is my thought: i used to install a acrobat 5.0 pdf virtual printer on my OS, which was modified by a ealier version of nlite to remove restore service, and the printer did NOT work, also any other virtual printer like FreePDF XP and PDFCreator. So i guess it is only a little dependency mistake appeared in the ealier version of nlite and i don't know why there are still so many threads talking about not removing restore service to keep virtual printer working, they are wrong. btw, i of course remove restore service BEFORE install PDFCreator, otherwise it's a issue of how to use XPlite
  2. actually you can remove system restore service, and PDFCreator (Version 0.92-0.93) still keep working without any problems, at least it works for me.