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  1. Hi Fencer128, Is there any news on when RISult will work with the new Driver Packs (BASE 6.08.6)? It doesn't seem to work with the current batch file.
  2. Anyone know where i can get hold of these? There doesn't seem to be any on the main website or this forum.
  3. Just seen where i was going wrong....it was in the .sif file. Thanks
  4. Please find files attached Thanks CMDLINES.TXT HKCU.reg HKLM.reg RISult.cmd SP2.SIF
  5. Hi i've got RISult working and its great. Just 1 questiion. Why does it disable the local admin account. Can I change a setting so this doesn't happen?
  6. Link seems to be down for DriverPack Modem V1.8 /B can anyone repost please? _____________________________ Im talking rubbish it is working
  7. the Macromedia Shockwave player link is down any chance of a repost?
  8. Hello, Has anyone got a reg tweak to switch on: Performance Options -> Visual Effects: "Adjust for best performance" ????
  9. I've got a working English Windows XP SP2 image (used a slipstreamed cd). I now need to add the MUI packs to allow my other european offices to use my image. Anyone know how to do this? Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian